The final work, Boyou home, gives Qianjin six surp

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Surprise one, a thousand gold gifts [during the event, you can enjoy six good gifts by purchasing o2o privilege deposit for 100 yuan]

a heavy gift: a latex pillow worth 198 yuan; Double gift: 3 no shopping gold bar lottery tickets; Three gifts: cash for the group photo of the most beautiful image spokesperson; Four gifts: pay attention to wechat official account, forward it to the site, shake it and grab the gift; Five gifts: 100 yuan for 2000 whole house customization (2000 includes 100 yuan for cabinet, 100 yuan for wardrobe, 100 yuan for water basin, 200 yuan for children's room, 500 yuan for smoke stove, 500 yuan for Japanese tatami, 500 yuan for solid wood wall panels (Note: special price package is not included in this activity); Six gifts: two sets of raindrop cups as soon as you enter the store

surprise two, one huiganjin [special price and hot money rush]

cabinet: Milan impression 4999/set (three meter ground rejection + three meter countertop + two meter hanging rejection); 7999/set in European town (three meter floor cabinet + three meter countertop + two meter hanging cabinet); The original price of petty bourgeoisie (all Kronos) is 2998/linear meter, the explosion price is 1998/linear meter, and Juhua is worth another 200/meter

wardrobe: 999/square meter, buy the door and send the cabinet body (knossons cabinet body, shutter sliding door); 1599/square meter, buy the door and send the cabinet (egger board, egger sliding door)

surprise 3. Once you change your money [grab it and make it fast]

you can get a smart drawer lock if you spend more than 6000 yuan plus 199 during the activity; Add 399 to get a standard fashion shoe cabinet. The number is limited, and you can stop when you finish

surprise 4, one liter of gold [upgrade good quality of life]

during the activity, you can get a hinge lamp if you spend more than 6000 yuan plus 9 yuan; Spend more than 10000 yuan plus 99 to get a multifunctional tie rack; Spend more than 15000 yuan plus 199 to get a pendant lamp at the bottom of the cabinet; Spend more than 20000 yuan plus 699 to get a set of 304 stainless steel basin faucet

surprise five, one against the golden daughter [super value cash back 1million + smashing golden eggs]

surprise six, one lift of dry gold [golden beauty take home]

during the activity, if you spend more than 5000 yuan, you can get 3 raffle tickets for dry gold, and 6 tickets for 10000 yuan, you can participate in the golden beauty take home activity. You can lift the three door refrigerator, electric oven, tableware set, etc., a total of 10 places! Another 50 commemorative awards were drawn on site

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