How to choose a suitable seamless wall cloth for a

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How to choose a suitable seamless wall cloth for a friendly and warm restaurant

pastoral style

when decorating the wall of the restaurant with seamless wall cloth, we should grasp the space from the interior of the building. In addition to the basic principle of the overall design of the restaurant, the decoration of the restaurant wall also takes into account the practical functions and beautification effects of the restaurant

the restaurant is often between the living room and the kitchen. When choosing the seamless wall cloth of the restaurant, we should first consider whether it is connected with the living room

if there is no partition in the middle, the color and pattern elements should be unified with the living room. If it is a single restaurant with partitions, the choice of wall cloth can highlight the unique characteristics and personality of the restaurant

European style pastoral

for the single living room, the warm color system should be used in the selection of seamless wall cloth color, because in color psychology, warm color is conducive to promoting appetite

modern simplicity

if the restaurant space is small, the seamless wall cloth can use light colors, such as light green, light blue, mickin, etc., and use colors to expand the sense of space; If the space is large, you can use heavy colors to highlight its calmness, and then use light colors to decorate it, so that the whole restaurant is stable but not dull. For the south where the weather is hot, you can also use cold tone wall cloth to balance the irritability caused by the heat

simple flower patterns are generally preferred in restaurants. If the space of the restaurant is large, large flower patterns can also be used to avoid being too empty

European style

the choice of restaurant wall cloth style should correspond to the table shape and color. Dark wooden table, you can choose the style of

; Light colored wooden dining table, you can choose pastoral style; Metal carved dining table, you can choose European style; Glass or concise

metal dining table, you can choose modern style. You can also choose to set up the table after choosing the seamless wall cloth

Mediterranean style

when choosing seamless wallcovering, we should also fully consider the owner's hobbies. Personalized decorative space is always carried out around the owner's hobbies and tastes. Choose the seamless wall cloth, make the restaurant life more exquisite, and make the restaurant and diet an important part of our happy life





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