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If you know nothing about decoration, even if you go to the construction site every day to "stand guard" to supervise the construction, you are likely to be cut corners by smart decoration companies. In fact, as long as we understand the following key points and appear on time at these key points, we can easily deal with the greasy problem of decoration construction. I: material acceptance

material acceptance is the focus of decoration. If the materials pass here, the future construction quality problems can also be reduced to half. The acceptance of decoration materials mainly depends on whether the materials provided by the decoration company are the same as those provided by the decoration company. Including whether the specifications, materials, businesses and environmental performance meet the standards

II. Intermediate acceptance

intermediate acceptance mainly refers to the acceptance of carpentry, oiler, bricklayer, concealed works and other projects by the owner, foreman and engineering supervisor, among which hydropower transformation is the top priority. Decoration first network reminds the owner that water pipes and wires will be buried in the wall in the future, and it will be difficult to improve once there are problems

during the inspection, the transformed water pipe shall be subject to pressure test, and the water pressure shall be maintained for one hour without pressure drop or the average pressure drop is 0.05 MPa before it is qualified. In addition, whether the installation of faucets and accessories is square, complete and free of damage, whether the water outlet is smooth, and whether the floor drain is smooth should be carefully checked

in addition, it should be noted that the concealed wires buried in the wall must be equipped with sleeves. The sleeve should be made of PPR material, and the wires used should meet the maximum output power of electrical equipment. Generally speaking, ordinary household lighting requires wires with a cross-sectional area of 2.5 mm2. In addition, household appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators require wires with a cross-sectional area of more than 4 mm2. Power on tests should be done during circuit acceptance

III. wall inspection

the wall inspection here refers to whether the bricklayer has handled the wall in place before painting or tiling. For example, whether the base of the wall of the old house is cleaned before painting; Have you done roughening before tiling. These have a great impact on the firmness of the wall and the hollowing rate of the tiles in the future

IV. completion acceptance

"this is mainly to check the general things." For example, the hollowing rate of floor tiles and wall tiles, whether the paint is smooth, whether the wooden door switches smoothly, whether there are cracks, etc. However, these items are easier to change if there are problems

some insiders believe that the third-party supervision company will generally intervene from the home decoration consultation, give guidance when the owner sets the budget and signs the contract, and supervise the home decoration company in terms of material mobilization, construction acceptance, etc. He said that the employees of the third-party supervision company have professional qualification certificates, and they have nothing to do with the construction company, so they can supervise fairly and truly safeguard the rights and interests of consumers. Owners can enjoy free third-party public welfare supervision by signing up for the decoration bidding of Wuhan home decoration network. Sign up quickly! [apply for free supervision]





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