Maximum train load diesel generator 20kw

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On board diesel generator 20kw

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Shanghai daniaze power mainly sells generators, gasoline generators, diesel generators, power generation electric welding machines, 20kW on-board diesel generators, household generators, digital frequency conversion gasoline generators, water pumps, etc. all products of daniaze power generator manufacturers have passed ISO9001-2000 or ISO9002-2000 quality certification. Each unit you purchase through our unit is attached with the manufacturer's talent certificate, warranty manual, certificate of conformity, etc The price is much lower than the cost of ordering directly from the market, because you save the intermediary fee and the cost of device debugging. Therefore, why do you have to run around when buying units? Danize power generator manufacturer is all inclusive

the 20kW on-board diesel generator is a type of exchange power supply equipment in the self-contained power station. It is a small self powered power generation equipment, which uses the internal combustion engine as the power to drive the synchronous exchange generator to generate electricity. The brushless synchronous exchange generator and the diesel engine crankshaft coaxial device can manipulate the torsion of the diesel engine to mobilize the rotor of the generator, manipulate the "electromagnetic induction" principle, and the generator will input the induced electromotive force. After being closed, we should pay attention to the load circuit in this state, which can generate current, fuel economy, high thermal efficiency. When the working condition is changed, the fuel consumption curve is relatively flat, and it is also economical under low load

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