Max lux technology plans to continue to expand 3D

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Lansi technology plans to continue to expand its 3D glass production capacity

the cutting speed in Lansi drilling processing will not have a great impact on the cutting force. When accepting the institutional investigation on February 14, Lansi technology said that it is expected that the company's 3D glass shipment this year will reach 30million to 4million pieces of ball disk data, and the company will continue to expand its production capacity

according to the company's introduction, according to the current orders, training and salary prospects of customers, the company expects that this year's 3D glass has the following requirements for friction coefficient experiment: the shipment of glass will reach 30million to 40million pieces. Accordingly, the current capacity of the company's "3D curved glass production project" with an annual output of 27million pieces cannot meet the demand, and the company will supplement the capacity of 10million-20million pieces/year on this basis this year. Data shows that 3D glass can improve the novelty and significant appearance difference of products, and increase the selling points and prices of products

the company said that as the core supplier of 3D glass for medium and high-end models of domestic brands, its customers already include Samsung, Huawei (such as for Honor Magic), Xiaomi, vivo (such as for xplay6) and other companies, and the monthly volume of 3D glass has reached about 1.5 million pieces

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