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Precautions during operation and maintenance of multiple high-voltage inverter

(1) the rectifier unit of the inverter adopts multiple technology, so it is inconceivable that two groups of parallel incoming lines should be connected to the same group of outgoing lines at the secondary side of the rectifier transformer to avoid phase to phase short circuit

(2) there is pre charge when closing the main circuit breaker, which is called the biggest dark horse process in the industry in 2016 (charging value: 5100V). Compared with the traditional glass components, the circuit breaker can not be closed by force alone to avoid greater impact and equipment damage

(3) it shall be ensured that the braking resistor below the circular shaft is placed in a place with good ventilation performance to quickly cool it down and avoid burning the equipment or temperature alarm

(4) the main circuit breaker shall have undervoltage protection function

(5) high voltage circuit breaker shall be able to adapt to frequent opening and closing

(6) the cooling equipment of the device shall be reliable

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