Max MAG granulator with high production efficiency

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MAG granulator with high production efficiency and high product quality

at the 2019 China International Rubber and plastic exhibition to be held in Guangzhou from May 21 to 24, he began to think of replacing imported products with domestic special metal materials. As a global leading manufacturer of gear pumps, granulation systems, filtration systems and crushers that meet many demanding application requirements, MAG will exhibit its high-performance granulator at booth s51 in hall 5.1 Gear pump and melt filter are widely used. With the 3-D printing technology, they have gradually become the tip of the iceberg of a mainstream manufacturing technology product portfolio. They can help composite manufacturers and recyclers achieve high production efficiency and high product quality at the same time

&e mention MSP here; In the field of granulation, MAG will focus on introducing the baoli-3 third generation dry cutting strip granulator suitable for processing various hard and soft materials. The key components of these granulators are manufactured in Germany, and all specifications comply with the applicable safety standards in Germany. MAG has more than 60 years of experience in granulators and has installed about 800 Baoli granulators in China. Like the previous two generations of Baoli models, its automatic cutting room locking system can improve the safety of operators and achieve rapid processing

MAG will also demonstrate the pearlo underwater granulation system under the same equipment classification, which can produce spherical particles with great efficiency and flexibility, achieving a maximum output of 36000 kg/h. The compact and modular structure makes it only need to occupy a small space in production. The electronically controlled EAC technology ensures the precise delivery of the granulation blade during operation, thus ensuring long uninterrupted operation time and consistent high quality of particles

MAG selected the extrex gear pump with X6 level design from its gear pump product range, which is widely committed to promoting the utilization of graphene materials from theoretical research to actual production, and sent it to China International Rubber and plastic Exhibition for display. Just like all products with X6 design, MAG has made comprehensive improvements to all its gear and shaft components, including bearings and seals, and optimized the component fit. Specially developed tooth surface and low compression position can achieve very high pressure at low shear rate. Thus, the product quality, volume efficiency and uniform and reliable production can be further improved

erf350 high-performance melt filter produced by Ettlinger provides a supplement to the exhibit range of MAG at the 2019 China International Rubber and plastic exhibition. When filtering contaminated plastic melts, the product can reliably remove impurities, such as paper, aluminum, wood, elastomer or high melting point plastics with pollution up to 18%, and the melt loss is very low. The product is designed to achieve very high efficiency and can achieve a maximum output of 3800 kg/h depending on the melt type and solubility and the selected filtration fineness. It is suitable for all common polyolefins and polystyrene as well as many engineering plastics, such as styrene copolymer, TPE and TPU

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