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Lance and Bourne compete for the leading position of 3D curved glass

after deducting the issuance expenses, the raised funds will be used to build the "Sapphire production and intelligent terminal application project", 1.624 billion yuan will be used to build the "3D curved glass production project", and the remaining 1billion yuan will be used to supplement the company's working capital

on June 2, Lansi technology, a gem upstart, released a non-public stock plan. It plans to issue no more than 100million shares to no more than 5 objects, and the total amount of funds raised is no more than RMB 6.026 billion

3d curved glass has the advantages of light and thin, transparent and clean, anti fingerprint, anti glare and good weather resistance. It can not only improve the appearance novelty of intelligent terminal products, but also bring excellent touch and feel

Lansi technology said that with the change of aesthetic requirements of the consumer market for the appearance of intelligent terminal products and the progress of process technology, 3D curved glass has gradually been applied to the process manufacturing of intelligent terminal products, such as Samsung galaxys6edge, Xiaomi note and other latest products

an annual output of 27million pieces of 3D curved glass

the "3D curved glass production project" will mainly divide the products in Nanjing Julong of Lansi Technology (Changsha) Co., Ltd. into four categories: high-performance modified nylon, high-performance engineered polypropylene, high-performance alloy materials and plastic wood environmental engineering materials. They will be implemented in the industry's Langli production base (phase II). After the project is completed, it will have the ability to produce 27million pieces of 3D curved glass per year

the construction period of the project is one year, and the experiment speed is low. After the project is fully completed, the estimated annual sales revenue is 2.009 billion yuan, the estimated annual net profit is 680million yuan, and the after tax internal rate of return of the project is 31%

Lansi technology believes that with the continuous growth of the intelligent terminal product market and the changes in the demand of the electronic consumer market for product appearance aesthetics and touch and feel, 3D curved glass has a very broad market growth space

at present, 3D curved glass is mainly used in the protective screen and back cover of intelligent terminal products, so the demand of intelligent terminal products also determines the market capacity of 3D curved glass to a certain extent

according to IDC report, the global intelligent shipment volume will reach 1447million units in 2015 and is expected to reach 1928million units in 2019, maintaining an annual growth rate of 7.5%; In addition, wearable devices will continue to maintain explosive growth in the future. According to IDC forecast, the global shipments of wearable devices will reach 45.7 million units in 2015, and 126million units in 2019, maintaining an annual growth rate of 45%

in the field of 3D curved glass, Lansi technology said that it has mastered the "3D glass hot bending technology" and "3D glass hot melting technology" as well as the production foundation, and has begun to supply products to Samsung, Xiaomi and other customers

at present, lansys' core customers include international well-known enterprises such as apple, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Motorola and Amazon, as well as domestic brand manufacturers such as Huawei, ZTE and Xiaomi. The customer base covers the high-end to low-end intelligent terminal product market. The company will further expand the production of 3D glass to meet the large demand of the above customers

compete for the leading position of 3D curved glass

Samsung galaxys6edge and Xiaomi note are the representative manufacturers using 3D curved glass in the market at present, but they have successively revealed that the yield of 3D curved glass is not high, which restricts shipment

s6edge uses the 3D forming glass technology to place Corning's fourth generation gorilla glass with the highest hardness between the arc molds, heat it to 800 degrees Celsius, close to the melting edge, press it into the arc mold to bend the glass, and then send it to CNC equipment for processing to polish the glass burrs with highly accurate values

it is reported that it takes 40 minutes to polish a piece of glass. Finally, the surface of this piece of glass needs to be coated with multi-layer chemical coating to make the visual effect better. Because of such a complex manufacturing process, the current cost of 3D curved glass is relatively high, about $25 to $26

in addition, the complex process also leads to the problem of low yield. According to Taiwan Science and technology news, Samsung originally asked the supplier of 3D curved glass liyueguang to deliver 8million to 8.5 million pieces in the second quarter. However, since the yield is less than 50%, the current delivery quantity is only 6million to 6.5 million pieces

in addition, a similar situation has also occurred in Xiaomi note. In March this year, Lei Jun confirmed on his microblog that Xiaomi note has insufficient production capacity. He said that the production complexity of Xiaomi note's 3D curved glass back cover is indeed very high, and it is being fully solved

it is rumored in the market that Bourne optics is the supplier of Samsung 3D curved glass. However, as the output cannot meet Samsung's demand, Samsung has sought a second supplier to join the production

as lansys increases its investment in 3D curved glass, it may compete with its old rival Bourne optics to compete for the leading experimental load of 1 positive value

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