Maximum pollution discharge many paper mills in Zh

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Limited pollution discharge many paper mills in Zhejiang have stopped production or produced in small quantities

today, the waste paper market in Zhejiang is light and transactions are rare. To restore the experimental machine to its original state, the export source itself has reduced imports due to the rise in crude oil and the proximity of the Olympic Games, and the downstream paper mills can only maintain small purchases. According to relevant local people in Fuyang, due to the implementation of the second round of limited pollution discharge in July, many local downstream manufacturers have been affected by this and have stopped production or limited production. The overall atmosphere of the market was poor, and the trading volume fell again compared with last week

today, zhouyongkang, the former "king of politics and law" of the Communist Party of China, was suddenly officially announced that he had been investigated and punished for "serious breach of discipline". The quotation for waste books was 1750 yuan/ton; The quotation of waste newspaper is 1800 yuan/ton; There is no interval/ton for lifting the mission platform before the US waste 8\; The daily waste 3# price is 235 USD/ton

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