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Can 1/3 of the 30 sweeping robots sweep clean? Domestic brands are not inferior to international brands

the municipal consumers' Association has conducted comparative tests on floor sweeping robots. The performance of some domestic brands is not inferior to that of international brands

30 floor sweeping robots. 1/3 of them can't sweep clean

they are busy with work and don't bother to sweep the floor. Buy a floor sweeping robot to go home. But how about its cleaning ability? A few days ago, the Beijing Consumer Association conducted a comparative test on the photoelectric induction technology, which is one of the more advanced technologies of 30 sweeping robot products sold on the market. The results show that one third of the samples have poor cleaning effect on the house, and the performance of some domestic brand sweeping robots is not inferior to that of international professional products. It is self-evident that discussing this topic is of practical significance

the samples of this comparative test were randomly purchased by the staff of the Consumer Association as ordinary consumers through,, Gome,, and other online platforms. The purchase price of samples ranges from 328 yuan to 6490 yuan. Test the coverage rate, dust removal ability of hard floor, dust removal ability of corners, fall prevention ability and obstacle climbing ability of the sample

coverage is the embodiment of the planning ability and "intelligent" level of a sweeping robot. At present, there are two kinds of sweeping robot sweeping methods in the market - "random sweeping" and "planning sweeping". After testing, the random sweeping robot can't build a cleaning map and record the cleaned areas. In addition, it's easy to avoid obstacles at random, and it's difficult to go deep under tables, chairs and other objects, so it can't realize comprehensive sweeping. It's like a headless fly, sweeping randomly in the coverage rate laboratory; The planned sweeping robot can often complete the cleaning task more efficiently

the results show that among the 30 samples, the Neato botvac d7500 sweeping robot with the highest coverage rate of 90.8% is the Neato brand of Lituo Neato matters needing attention:. The lowest coverage rate is the S320 floor sweeping robot of jiaweishi brand, with a coverage rate of 46.0%

corner dust removal ability is the index of auxiliary cleaning ability of sweeping robot. After testing, among the 30 samples, the most powerful corner dust removal ability is the dg710 floor sweeping robot of ecovacs brand, with the corner dust removal ability of 76.0%, and the lowest is the S600 floor sweeping robot of SDG brand, with the corner dust removal ability of 17.6%

in view of the comparative test results of this sweeping robot, the municipal consumers' Association said that China's sweeping machine provides users with first-rate products and excellent servers. There are many brands, with a wide range of prices, uneven quality, and a mixed market. In this comparative test, some products have low dust removal capacity, small room coverage, and obvious product differences; Some prices are falsely high, and the quality of products cannot be directly proportional to the price

it is suggested that consumers buy floor sweeping robot products according to the results of comparative tests; When shopping for a sweeping robot, consumers should choose a product that will alarm or stop running when lifted off the ground, and the remote control should choose a product without backward operation. (Wang Wei)


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