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Sika acquires everbuild, the largest adhesive manufacturer in the UK. Sika announced on June 17 that it would acquire everbuild Construction Products Co., Ltd., the largest independent sealant, adhesive and construction chemicals manufacturer in the UK

Founded in 1994, everbuild is a very well-known brand in the UK construction market and is also a leader among professional distributors. Headquartered in Leeds, UK, the company has a full range of construction chemical products production, 50 inspection and logistics devices. At present, it employs 270 employees, with annual sales of 90million Swiss kroner (about 13.9 million US dollars)

after the acquisition, everbuild will become a subsidiary of Sika UK, and the current leadership team of the company will remain unchanged. Everbuild founder davidseymour will continue to stay in the company. "Together with sika, we may further expand our business and benefit from its extensive R & D capabilities to provide innovation for new products, so as to take some improvement measures," David said

this acquisition will further consolidate Sika's leading position in the construction chemicals market and professional distribution market. Janjenisch, Sika's CEO, said, "we are proud to welcome everbuild team to join Sika family. This acquisition will establish our strong position in the market of more than 500 exhibitors at home and abroad in the UK, and also provide a considerable possibility for the combination of everbuild's distribution channels and Sika products."

sika UK company is headquartered in wellin Garden City, North London, England. Computer control in Preston and the Northwest has gradually replaced mechanical dynamometer Manchester and Norwich in the east of England to operate other facilities

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