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After the upgrading of Sanxin packaging interconnection, the production cost and labor are reduced.

in recent years, intelligent and automatic upgrading have become popular in the carton packaging industry. Many carton factories have made bold attempts to reduce costs and greatly improve efficiency. The samples of this carton factory introduced today should be cut from the test pieces with uniform thickness. Although it has its own unique folding organ packaging paperboard production line, it has further tapped its potential through the upgrading of equipment and the construction of PPI from negative to positive ERP system, on-site operation platform and bar code system, realizing the effect of reducing production costs and labor

Qingdao Sanxin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in January, 2009, located at No. 2888, Century Avenue, Huangdao District, and now has a plant of 15450 square meters, mainly engaged in the design, R & D, manufacturing and sales of packaging products

the company has a domestic leading automatic packaging production line and the largest and most advanced automatic folding organ packaging paperboard production line in China, with an annual production capacity of 30million square meters of corrugated boxes and 10million meters of folding organ packaging paperboard. It is widely used in the export and domestic packaging of fruits and vegetables, food, electronic parts, drugs, doors, kitchenware, bedding and other products

the tank company that loosened the column in this action has established directional cooperative relations with domestic large and medium-sized enterprises such as JD logistics, europay home, Zhibang group and Mengtian group. The company respects the enterprise spirit of "steady operation, advanced strategy, innovative development, and win-win integrity". With a new management mode, perfect technology, considerate service, and excellent quality, the company has created a good enterprise environment, attracting domestic industry leaders in large and medium-sized logistics, home furnishing, food packaging, medicine, and other fields after the downstream processors reduced their inventories on a large scale last year and impacted the market. At the same time, in recent years, it has attracted Japan, the United States Customers from New Zealand, France, Australia and South Korea come to negotiate business

overview of enterprise interconnection transformation and upgrading project

in accordance with the requirements of gb/t requirements for information and industrialization integration management system and gb/t specifications for the evaluation of information and industrialization integration of industrial enterprises, the company has carried out the transformation and upgrading of interconnection projects from the following two aspects

1. Equipment upgrading

upgrade the original automatic equipment of the company, and update the full-automatic printing machine, full-automatic thread touching machine, full-automatic box gluing machine and full-automatic baling machine to automatic equipment with equipment interface and data interaction with MES field operation platform. Realize the collection and transmission of equipment data and production data, so that the information transmission is timely and fast

2. Construction of ERP system, on-site operation platform and bar code system

upgrade the original ERP system of the company, and adopt erp+mes on-site operation platform module to carry out customized development of EPR. Covering the company's business processes: warehousing management, production management, quality management, finished product distribution, equipment management and data development and utilization. Add production modules, carry out information management of production planning and production process

after receiving the customer's order, according to the customer's delivery date, the arrival of raw materials and the characteristics of finished products, the machine and printing color should reasonably arrange the production progress and sequence. Manual intervention can also be used to guide the machine scheduling in the workshop in an orderly manner, so as to greatly improve the delivery timeliness and the achievement rate of production plan. When scheduling, the same color printing should be arranged together, reducing the time of type change and version change, reducing product defects, and reducing production costs. Production scheduling management with process scheduling can monitor the implementation of the production plan in real time to avoid the actual production inconsistent with the plan caused by the change of the production plan. The MES on-site operation platform of the workshop is displayed synchronously, and data entry can be realized. Carry out production statistics according to the daily production report records of different processes and teams, summarize and calculate the piece rate wage at the end of the month, and make statistical analysis on the production machine capacity, production hours and production efficiency

through the upgrading of equipment, we purchased automatic production equipment with equipment interface, which can interact with MES all-in-one machine. Using the company's existing erp+mes system, we realized the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, realized the collection of production data and quality data, and automatically transmitted it to ERP for statistical analysis. The information is transmitted in a timely and fast manner. The code scanning system is built and used to realize the accurate tracing of products and avoid human errors. The real-time query and update of information are realized through app and PDA code scanning terminal, which improves the capacity utilization of equipment, improves product quality and production efficiency, and realizes cost reduction and efficiency increase

implementation results of enterprise interconnection transformation and upgrading project

through the implementation of this interconnection transformation and upgrading project, the company has made remarkable achievements in various indicators of products, both product output and quality have been improved, and production costs and labor have been reduced. The specific indicators are shown in the figure below:

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