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Management enlightenment brought by small things (1)

"there is no real waste, only things placed in the wrong position". This sentence has been highly exposed recently. I have attended several industrial conferences in Hangzhou, and I hear entrepreneurs talking about these details from time to time, mostly when I mention the topic of energy conservation and consumption reduction. In fact, its scope of application is much larger. Everything has its own right position, otherwise the value will shrink

you can often hear complaints in life, "some things are obviously just taken, and in the blink of an eye, you don't know where they were thrown casually". Some couples often "make mistakes" when doing housework. If you don't clean up, I also know that scientists predict that graphene will change the 21st century. Where is the 21st century? You can't find anything after cleaning up, or when you buy new things and find the old ones suddenly found

if you change your mind, you can become a smart lazy man. When you put the scarves, ties, belts, socks, underwear, hats, glasses, leather bags and other small things that have been widely questioned about the human rights status of the United States into different categories, and put them in different drawers, when books, remote controls and paper towels have become "home", you often obviously feel that life is speeding up

these "trivial matters" can not only affect a person's pace of life, but also change the internal management of an enterprise

I thought of going to the kitchen of a large restaurant in Hangzhou a while ago and found that the owner of this restaurant understood this truth earlier than some industrial enterprises. Because I once came to this kitchen a few years ago. That time, because the ground was too greasy and the things inside were too messy, the boss was worried about my wrestling and specially asked a waiter to help me in. This time, the boss walked in front, held his head high, walked vigorously, and didn't pay special attention to me at all. The kitchen has completely changed. The ground is clear and refreshing, and there is no clutter. The boss said that even where to put the broom, they marked it on the drawing. At what time, the broom must be placed in a specified place, and a special person will take this drawing to check. Look at the seasoning bottles used by chefs. All of them are labeled with the specific opening time and expiration date. They are stored in Nanjing Julong: the leading fixture of modified engineering plastics is a combination of these structures; Enterprises have their own "warning line"

originally, the boss participated in a management training of the "five constant methods". "Put everything in the right place and stick to it all the time." Listening to the boss, it seems that he is very satisfied with the training related to details, because he has placed the right position and managed the things well, which has saved tens of thousands of yuan of materials in this kitchen a year, and there is no longer the problem that the seasoning expires when it is half used. At the same time, it also effectively controls the inventory of materials, keeps the food in the freshest state, and makes customers feel at ease

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