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The State Economic and trade 3D printing Commission recently decided to formulate the management measures for the recycling of waste tires as soon as possible

at present, the 254 structural engineering state economic and Trade Commission has organized a symposium on the recycling of waste tires. Representatives of China Association for comprehensive utilization of resources, China tire repair and Utilization Association, China Rubber Industry Association, Tianjin Rubber Industry Research Institute and some tire repair enterprises, rubber powder enterprises and reclaimed rubber enterprises attended the symposium. At the meeting, the delegates made a detailed report on the current situation of waste tires flooding in China and the lack of corresponding support for recycling policies and taxes. The delegates called for the promulgation of the measures for the administration of the recycling of waste tires and a series of other relevant laws and regulations as soon as possible to support the healthy development of the recycling industry of waste tires, and put forward some positive ideas and suggestions, such as establishing a fund for the recycling of waste tires, uniformly recycling waste tires, and giving preferential policies such as value-added tax reduction and exemption to waste tire recycling, processing, and utilization enterprises, At the same time, discuss with customers the most innovative packaging shapes, materials and design processes, strictly regulate the waste tire recycling market, and strengthen the coordinated operation of waste tire recycling related industries

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