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Regulations on the management of material supply and procurement

(I) the material supply of ministerial and provincial engineering projects, including ordering, customs clearance, transportation and other services, shall be coordinated by the material management office of the Municipal Bureau with the China Post and Telecommunications Equipment Corporation and the post and telecommunications equipment company

(II) in order to ensure the overall communication quality and facilitate the centralized monitoring, maintenance and management, the technical specifications and selection of centrally managed communication products are, in principle, within the scope designated by the Provincial Bureau and in combination with the characteristics of the city, the science and Technology Department of the Municipal Bureau, together with the business department, materials department and other relevant departments, is responsible for selecting the equipment suitable for the characteristics of the Municipal Communication Market and communication Road, and selecting the best manufacturers and suppliers

(III) for the communication products under the centralized management of the Provincial Bureau, the Municipal Bureau shall centrally order from the Provincial Bureau or suppliers, and the Municipal Bureau shall sign the contract and be responsible for the implementation of the contract, and all units shall actively cooperate. All posts and telecommunications units shall report the plan to the material management office of the Municipal Bureau in advance. After summarizing and balancing, the material management office shall review it with other relevant departments and submit it to the Provincial Bureau. No unit is allowed to order from the Provincial Bureau beyond its level, let alone purchase in the market without authorization

(IV) within the scope of centralized management, all participants in the value chain from engineers, membrane designers and manufacturers to project owners can reap success. The procurement of communication products is uniformly organized by the Municipal Bureau and implemented according to the following three situations:

1 For communication infrastructure projects, the Municipal Bureau shall formulate the overall annual engineering plan according to the communication development plan of the city, and apply for the approval of the municipal or provincial plan. After the approval of the project, the implementation schedule shall be formulated as soon as possible. Communications infrastructure projects should be implemented in strict accordance with the construction procedures. After the feasibility report of a project is approved by the relevant competent department, the science and technology department is responsible for formulating the technical specification, and the Municipal Bureau should establish the project working group as soon as possible

generally, the chief engineer is the team leader of the special working group, and the director in charge can also be the team leader if necessary. In order to facilitate the work, the chief engineer can entrust the deputy chief engineer or other leaders as the team leader according to the situation. The working group is composed of people from the science and Technology Department, the infrastructure department, the materials department, the accounting and finance department, the telecommunications department or the post office, and the user unit. The project working group should formulate the project implementation plan and scheme as soon as possible, and report to the Bureau leaders for approval before implementation. The bidding document, technical specification, inquiry or similar letter of the project or equipment must be signed by the team leader before being sent. The project working group should carefully do 1 The company decided to improve the transparency of its cobalt supply chain by the end of 2017, and to do a good job in the planning, inquiry, model selection, negotiation and contract signing of equipment procurement. After the contract is signed, the material department shall be responsible for the contract approval, payment, transportation, customs clearance, equipment arrival acceptance, after-sales service and contract implementation management of equipment procurement or introduction

2. For the equipment or accessories used for supporting the project, or required by the renewal and transformation project, or for equipment maintenance, the user unit shall decide its loading speed one quarter in advance due to its mechanical structure and hydraulic loading principle, and report the plan to the material Department of the Municipal Bureau. Before and after sales of communication engineering and experimental machines, we are the most professional to prepare, maintain and repair a small number of accessories and equipment urgently needed. On the premise of obtaining the consent of the material Department of the Municipal Bureau, each user unit can purchase directly from the relevant units, and the order contract should be filed in the material department. The contents of the contract, the model, price and other conditions of the equipment shall comply with the relevant provisions. When necessary, the science and Technology Department, the material department and the professional office may organize inspections from time to time

3. For mobile terminals, computer terminals, modems and other terminal equipment, each user and sales unit shall report the plan to the municipal materials department one quarter in advance. After the materials department of the Municipal Bureau summarizes the plans reported by each required unit yuan, the centralized procurement and unified purchase channels shall be implemented according to the principle that the purchase price is lower than the maximum price determined by the Provincial Bureau and the "three certificates" are complete

(V) the planning and Finance Department of the Municipal Bureau shall participate in the formulation of the equipment procurement plan, and be responsible for the overall planning and operation management of the funds of all contracts. The procurement and introduction of all communication materials must be clear about the source of funds (using foreign capital or self financing, loans) and the payment plan before commercial negotiations can be started. The planning and finance department should send people to participate in the business negotiation of important contracts. The material department is responsible for the commercial settlement of all contracts, and each user unit shall pay the relevant funds to the material department ten days in advance according to the payment plan of the project. Without consent, all units shall not directly pay the contract money to the designated departments of the Provincial Bureau, agents and suppliers

(VI) in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of all units to participate in the unified organization of ordering, so as to achieve the purpose of sharing interests and improving overall efficiency, 40% of the preferential amount returned through the scale order according to the regulations of the Provincial Bureau will be left in the Municipal Bureau and 60% will be returned to all ordering units after deducting reasonable operating expenses

(VII) in the process of material procurement, all units should seriously and seriously implement the management regulations and foreign affairs disciplines of the Ministry of Posts and telecommunications, provincial bureaus and municipal bureaus. Personnel participating in material procurement should strictly exercise self-discipline, strengthen the concept of legal system, and consciously resist unhealthy tendencies. No one is allowed to privately accept kickbacks or gratuities. Whether it is technical or business negotiation, it is necessary to ensure that the number of participants is not less than two. All relevant departments involved in contract negotiation should not only clarify the division of labor, clarify and cooperate with each other, but also pay attention to the role of mutual supervision to ensure that the interests of the enterprise are not damaged. No matter the size of the contract, more than two departments are required to send people to participate in the price, model selection and other important technical and commercial negotiations

(VIII) all units shall carefully supervise and inspect the implementation of their own units in accordance with the provisions and implementation rules of the Provincial Bureau and the contents of this supplementary provision, and correct problems in a timely manner. Except for the special circumstances described above, the leaders of any unit cannot sign purchase contracts beyond their authority. The Municipal Bureau will include the implementation of the above provisions in the assessment of policies and objectives. The discipline inspection and audit departments of the Municipal Bureau will irregularly inspect all units together with relevant departments of materials, planning and finance, science and technology, seriously deal with units that fail to comply with orders and have serious problems, and investigate the leaders of the units

(IX) the procurement methods of other communication materials (including equipment, materials, supplies, appliances and single forms) except for the 18 items in the "centralized management communication product catalogue" of the Provincial Bureau are still strictly implemented in accordance with the document of Shenzhen Bureau Wu Zi (1991) No. 001 and the document of Shenzhen Bureau Wu Zi (1992) No. 2

(x) the material management office of the Municipal Bureau is responsible for the interpretation of these provisions

(XI) these Regulations shall be implemented from the date of issuance

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