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The main part of the equipment is composed of a highly adjustable support frame [composed of a base, a screw rod and a moving beam (lower jaw base)] and a working frame [composed of a working oil cylinder, a piston, a platen, a support and an upper beam (upper jaw base)] moon cake mandatory national standard modification packaging provisions

the industry development of the China Federation of commerce mainly inspects the fluctuation (electro-hydraulic servo and hydraulic) and control accuracy (electromagnetic resonance) of the experimental machine The standard promotion department of the Ministry of Commerce announced yesterday that the China Federation of Commerce, the Ministry of Commerce and other government departments jointly negotiated and proposed amendments to the mandatory standard of China's "moon cake" officially implemented on June 1 this year on the expected increase in packaging volume in 2014 to avoid personnel errors, and the National Standardization Commission officially adopted the amendment proposal, The formal implementation of the modification proposal will provide enterprises with more operational reference standards

the original mandatory national standard of "moon cake" stipulates the total volume of packaging materials as follows: the empty space of a single package should not exceed 35% of the total volume of a single package; The average distance between a single package and the inner wall of the outer package and the unit package shall not exceed 2.5cm

the revised new regulation is that the sales packaging volume per kilogram of moon cakes should not exceed 9.00 × 103 CC; The packaging material shall meet the requirements of environmental protection and food hygiene

Zheng Chuanyu, head of the standard promotion department of the industry development department of the China Federation of Commerce, said that since May, moon cake manufacturers have begun to book packaging materials. The original regulations have great difficulties in actual operation, both for enterprises and future law enforcement inspections

source: Beijing Times

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