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Offset printing technology management countermeasures

offset printing is the most important printing method adopted by domestic printing enterprises today, and it often affects normal production due to various faults in production. In order to avoid this phenomenon that affects the efficiency of enterprises, corresponding countermeasures should be taken in daily offset printing production and management. The following opinions can be referred to by colleagues in the industry

1. The surface of the printing plate cylinder should be coated with chromium and nickel. If the surface of the printing plate cylinder is coated with zinc or iron, the annual growth rate of imports will exceed 17.2%, with a year-on-year increase of 61.3% Of course, zinc or iron will react with the acid in the water bucket solution to rust and oxidize, and the cylinder body cannot be close to the liner and the printing plate. If the cylinder surface is soaked in the acid for a long time, corrosion and rust will occur. If the printing plate cylinder body is changed to be coated with chromium or nickel, the above accidents will not occur

2. The water bucket solution should not penetrate the surface of the printing plate cylinder

the machine operator, if the printing plate liner is not replaced in time after it is uneven or damaged, so that the printing plate is uneven on the cylinder, and the acid water bucket solution seeps into the surface of the printing plate cylinder. The acidic water bucket solution is in contact with the surface of the printing plate cylinder, causing corrosion and rust on the surface of the printing plate cylinder. Therefore, when loading the plate, the printing plate should be close to the pad, so that there is no gap between them, so as to avoid the acidic water bucket solution penetrating into the surface of the printing plate cylinder, and the printing plate cylinder will not be corroded and rusted

3. The pH value of the bucket solution is highly acidic

the machine personnel should strictly control the concentration of the bucket solution. In the operation process, the pH value should be controlled between 5 and 6.5 on the premise that the pattern is clear, the layout is blank and greasy, and the layout is not dirty and paste. Because printing in strong acid will produce low printing plate resistance, high ink emulsification value, and ink is not easy to dry, resulting in dirty back, dim ink, not bright, not bright and so on

4. The page moisture is too large

the machine operator should also strictly control the surface moisture of the printing plate. The moisture control is slightly large, and the printing plate is not easy to be dirty; Less water control, once affected by the climate or external environment, the printing plate is easy to get dirty, so it is important to master the ink balance. In addition, to measure the level of offset printing technicians, it depends on whether to achieve "three leveling" (the drum can be infinitely stretched, water roller, ink roller)

5. Strengthen the management of process technology

the above accidents are mainly caused by the failure to control the water content of the layout and the pH value concentration of the water bucket solution in the process management, the poor management, and the human causes of the offset press staff. Therefore, we should strengthen the internal process and technology management of enterprises, improve the technical quality of employees and improve the quality of work

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