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Chen Boyuan, chairman of Yongjin machinery: closely connect and cooperate to create a win-win situation

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according to my observation, Taiwan East ensures the stable operation of closed-loop control. In recent years, the Western machinery industry has faced strong international threats and competition. Most manufacturers have realized that enterprises must continue to develop through continuous improvement, so they have injected resources into the reform of enterprise physique. From basic 5S, rooted TPM to mobile TPS, it is nothing more than to improve their competitive advantage. This trend has become popular It has become a new highlight of Taiwan's eastern and Western machine industry, and the emergence of m-team alliance is to lead the university to improve the way forward. Cleaning method: please check whether the selection of controllers in the setting of the alliance is appropriate for mutual development

after I took over as the president of m-team alliance, adhering to the alliance vision of "creating value together and shaping a new model of Taiwan's eastern and Western machine industry", I established the entry and exit mechanism of the alliance, from a small fight with a profit of 50000 yuan to a breakthrough development with an output value of 100million yuan, and conducted a detailed evaluation of Jinan gold testing digital impact testing machine for suppliers, hoping to create a more refined combat power for the alliance and agglutinate the centripetal force of members. In addition, three third-party manufacturers, including Harper, Taiwan Yinxing and Texaco cam, will be promoted to hold a presentation on the improvement function of excellent third-party manufacturers and share the improvement function with all member manufacturers. The consideration is that in the face of such a highly competitive industrial environment, only through the close connection and cooperation between third-party manufacturers and intermediate factories can we create a mutually win-win occasion

the improvement activity can be regarded as a platform to promote the cooperation between the intermediate factory of the whole machine and the cooperative factory, and the improvement function release meeting is a stage to play together. The m-team alliance continuously handles the intermediate factory improvement function presentation, the cooperative factory treaty research activities, education and training courses and different industry observation and learning, which is to speed up the improvement activities within the organization through the Inter Organizational learning process and guide them to the positive circular operation. I firmly believe that only tomorrow's efforts can lay a solid foundation for victory

as the saying goes, "spending will make you outstanding; investing will make you deep; caring will make you happy", it can be regarded as the driving force for our alliance to continue to forge ahead. Thank you for working together to create a better future

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