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The "oil-free, water-free, friction free, ultra-high energy saving" magnetic levitation turbine vacuum pump press conference was successfully held

release date: Source: Chinese paper author: Tan Zhi

on September 7, a magnetic levitation turbine vacuum pump press conference attracted nearly 150 people from the paper industry and financial circles. This "oil-free, water-free, friction free, ultra-high energy saving" magnetic levitation turbine vacuum pump press conference was held by Feixuan Technology Co., Ltd Sponsored by Yisheng (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd., it has received strong support from 19 units, including China Light Industry Federation, Sichuan Paper Association, Guangdong Paper Association, Fujian Paper Association, Shandong Paper Association, Henan Paper Association, Zhejiang Paper Association, Hangzhou electromechanical design and Research Institute

(press conference site)

(press conference site)

at the beginning of the press conference, Hong Shenping, chairman of Feixuan (Yisheng) Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the organizer

(Hong Shenping, chairman of Feixuan (Yisheng) Technology Co., Ltd.)

leaders from all walks of life from China Light Industry Federation, Fuyang District Committee of Hangzhou, design institute and college delivered speeches respectively

(Professor Hu Nan, honorary chairman of China Light Industry Enterprise Investment and Development Association and former director of the planning department of the National Light Industry Bureau)

(Ding Yonggang, member of the Standing Committee of Fuyang District, Hangzhou)

(Professor wanjinquan, School of environment and energy, South China University of Technology)

then, Sha Honglei Zhang Zhihua, on behalf of Feixuan (Yisheng) Technology Co., Ltd., reported the achievements of magnetic levitation industrialization and released the products of magnetic levitation turbine vacuum pump

(Sha Honglei, chief engineer of Feixuan (Yisheng) Technology Co., Ltd.)

(Zhang Zhihua, product director of Feixuan (Yisheng) Technology Co., Ltd.)

Lin Qiqun, chairman of Taizhou Forest Paper Co., Ltd., delivered a speech on behalf of users

(Lin Qiqun, chairman of Taizhou Forest Paper Co., Ltd.)

the press conference finally entered the theme salon. Representatives from colleges, design institutes and paper mills brainstormed and interacted with guests on the energy-saving upgrading of general engineering plastic paper-making vacuum system, It presents a wonderful technical exchange and standard discussion on magnetic levitation turbine vacuum 7.5.1 dimensional deviation and appearance quality pump and papermaking process upgrading

(theme salon)

(group photo of guests)

about Feixuan (Yisheng) Technology Co., Ltd.

Feixuan (Yisheng) Technology Co., Ltd. is an entrepreneurial team of Tsinghua University. Started in 2003, it is the first high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development and promotion of magnetic bearings technology in China, and has the intellectual property rights of the overall core technology of magnetic bearings. It is also the only magnetic levitation turbine equipment enterprise in the world that has all the four core technologies of magnetic levitation bearing and control, high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor, three flow impeller and high-frequency frequency conversion. In 2017, it was officially awarded as the first and only "magnetic levitation rotating machinery engineering technology center" in China

the company is located in two factories in Tianjin Binhai New Area, with a total area of 20000 square meters and a total investment of 200million. At present, the company has a total staff of more than 300 people. More than 10 senior executives and core R & D personnel graduated from Tsinghua University. The R & D team keeps pace with the international cutting-edge core technology, and has the leading ability of R & D, application and industrialization promotion

in 2018, Feixuan technology Hangzhou 500 mu "magnetic levitation +" industrialization base was approved for construction, with a total planned investment of 2.2 billion, which provides a strong guarantee for the company to further improve the magnetic levitation. The relevant person in charge of the Central Government Liaison Office in Hong Kong accepted the interview of Xinhua news agency, research on technology and expand the scale of industrialization

at present, the company has many products, such as magnetic levitation vacuum molecular pump, magnetic levitation blower, magnetic levitation turbine vacuum pump, magnetic levitation air compressor, magnetic levitation steam compressor, etc., which have the characteristics of "energy saving, low noise, maintenance free, intelligent control", and save more than 40% power than traditional blower/vacuum pump, and can replace all products on the market, such as roots blower, roots pump, water ring pump, centrifugal blower, centrifugal pump (including imported), Moreover, there is no need for lubricating oil, external water and mechanical maintenance, and the noise is below 85dB, which makes users "worry free, labor-saving and power-saving". Magnetic levitation turbine vacuum pump is the world's first

it has been applied to hundreds of municipal and industrial projects on a large scale in 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions (including Taiwan), providing products and services for enterprises and institutions with the prefix "China" or "country", leading enterprises in the electronics, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, printing and dyeing, papermaking and other industries, as well as multinational enterprises in the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea and other countries. In 2018, it took the lead in exporting "China core" magnetic levitation blowers to the United States! Among them, magnetic levitation blowers have been put into operation in more than 20 paper-making enterprises, including Shanying paper, Jianhui paper, Jinyang paper, China Resources paper, Fengsheng paper, Tianzhu paper, Shangpin Dacheng, Star paper, five star paper, Samsung paper, Jinxing paper, Wuzhou paper, forest paper, Huayu paper, Fulun ecology, Jinghuan Longheng paper, Fengcheng paper, Jiexin paper, Xianhe Co., Ltd Therefore, remember to remove the initial force before clamping the extensometer suspension turbine vacuum pump product, which has been highly praised by users

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