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OKI high-end color printers landed at the all print exhibition

Chong electric industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (Oki)

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Oki company, founded in 1881, is a Japanese high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the research, production and sales of printers, fax machines and other products. OKI company has the world's leading printing technology R & D and production capacity, with technology research centers in Japan, Britain, the United States and other places, and production bases in Japan, Britain, the United States, China, Thailand and other places. Its products include needle printers, led page printers, all-in-one machines, fax machines and other products, and its business covers the global business and office applications. In 1985, Oki entered the Chinese market and launched a series of bill printers, which are widely used in China's finance, communications, postal services, transportation, advertising printing and commercial printing. Alternative materials will be used to heat inkjet to allow normal droplet creation. Its printer control language has become one of the simulation standards of bill machines. At present, Oki company has comprehensively strengthened its technical research, product development and marketing services in China. The fatigue testing machine is used to measure the fatigue characteristics, fatigue life, prefabricated cracks and crack expansion of metals, alloy materials and their components under tensile, compressive or tension compression alternating loads at room temperature, and strive to provide Chinese users with better performance, more reliable quality, more complete types Products with better services

at this full print exhibition, Oki will bring its latest product c9600/c9800 professional production high-speed color digital printer to the full print exhibition

super function, excellent quality

oki c9600/c9800 professional production high-speed color digital printer uses the world's first digital LED print head in VDC mode, making Oki c9600/c9800 have smooth output restoration ability of up to 32 gray scales per pixel, 1200dpi × With 4800dpi physical resolution and 190lpi high-precision output, the printed picture effect can be comparable to offset printing

oki c9600/c9800 further refines the performance of multi-purpose cartons that can print thick paper and envelopes, optimizes supporting policies, and can print 250 sheets continuously. Due to the use of a new paper feed roller, it effectively prevents repeated paper loading; The printing paper is extracted at an approximate horizontal angle to avoid paper jam; It can handle up to 268g/m2 of printing materials; It can print the format from A6 to a3+, and easily print labels, postcards, transparencies and large banners. The optional double-sided printing device can easily realize double-sided printing without reducing the speed. OKI c9600/c9800 can be equipped with a large capacity four-color feed box with a maximum capacity of 1590 pages of printing paper. All of them support the functions of transferring overweight, special printing materials, automatic double-sided printing, high-precision registration, and replacing consumables without turning off the machine

oki c9600/c9800 has stable performance. The color output speed is as high as 36 pages/minute, the black-and-white output speed is 40 pages/minute, and the home page output speed also reaches color 10.5 seconds and black-and-white 9 seconds respectively

unique configuration, each has its own advantages

c9600 has optional wireless printing function. Users can freely choose wireless card and support wireless network printing function. For this purpose, c9600 also provides 256M memory (which can be expanded to 1024m at most)

c9800 has a unique color control function. In order to adapt to the pattern and purpose of printing and obtain the highest image quality, the C9800 provides two hanging methods, one is the "dot matrix hanging" which is similar to offset printing, and the other is the "line" which can fully restore words and lines. Users can choose freely according to different purposes. At the same time, in order to give full play to the excellent color management function of color wise, the C9800 has built-in high-precision image processing and color management functions. Users can centrally print high-tech products such as higher-precision image processing and variable printing

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