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The oil shortage has eased or the oil price will be reduced after the Olympic Games

the oil shortage has eased or the oil price will be reduced after the Olympic Games

August 20, 2008

[China paint information] if the international oil price continues to fall in the future, it will not rule out the government to reduce the price of refined oil after the Olympic Games, which will also provide a favorable opportunity for the introduction of fuel tax

on the afternoon of August 18, the National Energy Administration held its first press conference since its establishment at the Beijing International Center. Zhangguobao, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission and director of the national energy administration, said that in 2007, China's total energy consumption was 2.65 billion tons of standard coal, making it the second largest energy consumer in the world. At the same time, he put forward for the first time that China has become the world's second largest energy producer. In 2007, China's total fossil energy production accounted for 15.87% of the world, with an average annual growth of 7.1% in the past seven years

renewable energy has become a new growth point

Zhang Guobao said that since 2000, China's energy supply capacity has been significantly enhanced. However, due to China's large population, per capita consumption is only 62% of the world average. Data show that China's primary energy consumption accounted for 10.41% of the world's total in 2000. By 2007, China's primary energy consumption accounted for 16.8% of the world's total. At present, the world's per capita energy consumption is 2.38 tons of standard coal, while China's per capita consumption is 1.87 tons of standard coal. Only 62% of the world average

renewable energy is the highlight of the rapid improvement of China's energy production. Zhang Guobao said that the utilization of renewable energy in China in 2007 was equivalent to 8.5% of the total primary energy consumption. Renewable energy accounts for a large proportion. 4. Hydropower, which has no corrosive medium around, accounts for 16% of the total power generation; Wind power added 3.4 million KW last year, bringing the cumulative installed capacity of wind power to 6.05 million KW; Solar photovoltaic power generation now has 100000 kW, and the use area of solar water heaters in China ranks first in the world; The annual production capacity of photovoltaic cells has reached 1million kW, making it the world's largest photovoltaic cell producer

China officially implemented the renewable energy law on January 1st, 2007, and then formulated the renewable energy development plan, in which a series of measures were mentioned, including the sharing of the higher part of the electricity price in the whole society for renewable energy power generation

as for the practice of encouraging the development of renewable energy, Zhang Guobao said that in order to encourage wind power generation, we will halve the value-added tax on wind power generation. In recent years, wind power generation in our country has developed rapidly, and now the installed capacity of wind power has reached the fifth place in the world. Moreover, a series of large-scale wind power generation bases with more than one million kilowatts or even ten million kilowatts have been arranged in the Hexi Corridor of Inner Mongolia and Gansu, and they are now under construction

in addition, China is also improving its nuclear power installed capacity plan

gasoline supply has been relatively loose

in response to the question "whether fuel prices will rise in May and June this year after the Olympic Games", Zhang Guobao said, "how oil prices will change after the Olympic Games should be adjusted according to the overall economic development and the energy situation at home and abroad." At present, some changes have taken place in the supply situation of domestic oil market. The phenomenon of tight diesel supply and queuing for refueling, which has been concerned by all walks of life for some time, has recently been greatly relieved, such as the San Francisco St. Matt bridge, which was built in 1929, especially the gasoline supply has been relatively loose

the current price of refined oil in China is still lower than the international price. The general direction of China's energy price reform is to integrate with the international market according to the market law, but at present, considering the domestic affordability, we have adopted the method of gradually integrating with the international market, which has not been fully integrated

On June 19, China appropriately raised the prices of gasoline, diesel and aviation kerosene. Meanwhile, in the past few weeks, the international crude oil price has fallen from $147 a barrel to $113 a barrel at present. Zhang Guobao believes that the above factors, together with some changes in the domestic and international economy, are the main reasons for the relief of the current tight supply in the domestic refined oil market

Han Xuegong, a domestic energy expert, also said in an interview that if the international oil price continues to fall in the future, for example, below $100, the government will not rule out lowering the price of refined oil after the Olympic Games, and the loose environment of domestic supply will also provide a favorable opportunity for the introduction of fuel tax

increase coal production to solve the power shortage

for the current shortage of power supply in some parts of China, Zhang Guobao said that the shortage of power supply in China is not due to insufficient installed capacity of power, but mainly reflected in the shortage of coal supply. At present, the price of coal is determined by the market. In recent years, China's electric power has developed rapidly. Compared with the development of electric power, the supply of coal is relatively unable to meet the needs of electric power development. In addition, the demand for coal in steel and other coal consuming industries has also increased rapidly, resulting in tight supply; On the other hand, China's coal price has been liberalized, and the price has risen sharply due to the tight supply

Zhang Guobao also said that the State Council and the energy administration have taken a series of measures to increase the output and supply of coal in response to the power supply shortage reflected in some places in China. The price of electricity cannot be completely determined by the market. Like most countries in the world, including the United States, China adopts government pricing. This is to control the rising level of prices and ensure people's livelihood

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