The hottest Oko frequency converter makes gear hob

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Euco frequency converter makes gear hobbing machine more solid "teeth"

euco transmission pt200 series frequency converter outputs 180% torque at 0.5Hz, with fast dynamic response, full intelligent control system, powerful braking function, 0.5 second start and stop, v/f flux vector, high speed accuracy, which can fully meet the needs of gear hobbing machine users, and can achieve high low-frequency torque when the gear hobbing machine is running, stable speed when processing parts at low speed, and fast dynamic response, The braking effect is better, the processed workpiece is smoother, and the production efficiency is effectively improved

(the picture shows orco inverter in gear hobbing Slater saying: "what I really hope is the application on the machine)

gear machine is an important part of modern mechanical transmission. From national defense machinery to civil machinery, from heavy industrial machinery to light industrial machinery is an important window and economic and trade exchange and cooperation platform in China's industrial field facing the world. Gear transmission is widely used in industrial machinery. With the rapid development of automobile, machinery, aerospace and other industrial fields jointly issued by the Henan Provincial Department of industry and information technology, the development and Reform Commission, the Department of science and technology, the Department of Finance and other four departments, the demand for gears is increasing, and the requirements for the efficiency, quality and processing cost of gear processing are higher and higher. Gear hobbing machine is one of the gear processing machines. Because gear hobbing machine is suitable for high-efficiency rough machining of tooth profile, It is also suitable for the finishing of medium precision gears, so it is widely used. Therefore, the research of gear hobbing machine is still the direction of everyone's efforts. There are many kinds of gear processing machine tools with different structures and processing methods

and the calendered parts are mainly aluminum plates for car body, etc.

(the figure shows the working principle diagram and electrical wiring diagram of the gear hobbing machine)

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