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Safety in use of oil tank trucks

due to the flammability and explosive nature of the goods transported by oil tank trucks, safety issues are undoubtedly the top priority that every driver and passenger must pay attention to when the results of authoritative appraisal are obvious. Here are five suggestions for the safety problems in the transportation of oil tank trucks:

first, the control can be 9. Data export: compatible with the third-party use of program software. Note the following four points

① oil spillage in the oil storage container of oil tank trucks must be avoided. The oil spills, spills, drips, leaks and spills occurred during the oil loading and unloading operation of the oil tank truck should be removed and handled in time

② after unloading the goods, it is strictly forbidden to pour oil dirt, sludge, waste oil, etc. into the sewer for discharge, which should be collected and placed in the designated place for proper treatment

③ all combustibles should be removed near oil tanks, warehouses, pump rooms, oil distribution rooms, oil blending workshops and other buildings

focus on the integrated innovation and engineering utilization of automotive aluminum materials. ④ oil stained cotton yarn, oil rags, oil gloves, oil paper and other objects used in the maintenance and repair of oil tank cars should be placed in covered iron drums outside the workshop and removed in time

II. Cut off the fire source and pay attention to the following five points

① it is strictly forbidden to bring matches, lighters or other kindling into the oil depot, oil storage area and oil receiving and dispatching operation area. Strictly control the flow of fire source and open fire operation

② no fireworks in the oil depot. When open flames must be used in repair operations, they must be reported to the relevant departments for review and approval, and safety precautions must be taken before hot work

③ before entering the warehouse, cars and tractors must wear fire hoods at the outlet of the exhaust pipe, shut down the engine immediately after parking, and it is strictly forbidden to overhaul vehicles in the warehouse, nor start the engine during operation

④ when the railway locomotive is put into storage, it is necessary to hang an isolation car, close the ash box baffle, and do not clear the furnace in the reservoir area or stay in the non operation area

⑤ it is strictly forbidden to use open flames when oil tankers dock. It is forbidden to carry fire on board

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