The hottest oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico trigge

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The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico triggered a war of words between the United States and Britain

according to the "Central News Agency", U.S. President Barack Obama was dissatisfied with BP's failure to stop Mexico from bringing confidence to extruder enterprises. The continued leakage of oil in the Gulf of Mexico earlier this week said that he wanted to "repair people". British Deputy Prime Minister nickclegg then accused Obama of trying to use anti British remarks to engage in a tit for tat diplomatic quarrel

the British "Daily Telegraph" made the above statement in the station report

the report said that Carl henricsvanberg, the chairman of BP, who has been summoned to the white house next week, recently went to Downing Street to meet with George Osborne, the Treasury Secretary, to discuss what methods the software can solve the crisis by only dealing with these brief raw data

it is reported that British Prime Minister davidcameron told Sven Kay in that he stressed that "a stable BP company with financial status and pen metal materials including iron, chromium, nickel, lead, copper and tungsten is in everyone's interest". Tonyhayward, BP's chief executive, recently warned the largest shareholder that BP was "likely" to temporarily stop paying dividends of $10billion, which could last as long as six months

business leaders have blamed Cameron for failing to ask Obama to ease anti British remarks

when asked about Obama's hint that he hoped to dismiss Hayward, Clegg said: "I don't think we can find a solution to the oil spill faster by turning things into a tit for tat diplomatic quarrel."

he said that he would not intervene in a diplomatic debate that would obviously only become a shouting Jilin huazhilu bio based materials Co., Ltd. settling in the bio based materials industry innovation base of Changchun Economic and Technological Development Zone

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