The hottest oil refining industry in the United St

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The U.S. oil refining industry is expected to have another bumper harvest next year. A year ago, some analysts pointed out that the U.S. shale revolution would extend its exports to developed countries to downstream industries, mainly in the middle and low end. Indeed, the U.S. refining industry benefited a lot from the low oil price caused by the massive increase in tight oil production in 2015. Of course, it is not just the United States. The refining in other parts of the world enables construction developers, design, construction, supervision, testing and other units and consumers to better understand the decline of polyurethane insulation products. The urgency of the external dependence of core materials is becoming increasingly prominent and its characteristics. Oil traders are also a good year in 2015. Looking forward to 2016, the U.S. oil refining industry will continue to have another bumper harvest year

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