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OKI made a wonderful appearance at the China International SME Expo

on September 15, 2007, the fourth China International SME Expo and China Japan SME Expo was grandly opened in Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. As a representative enterprise in the fields of information and communication, semiconductors, printers, etc., Oki group of Japan participated in the event and showed its cutting-edge technologies, products and solutions in the field of advanced technology

China International SME Expo is the only national SME Expo in China held in September every year. The organizers include the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and other relevant national departments, as well as the people's Government of Guangdong Province and the Japanese Ministry of economy, industry and trade, which is the guest of honor this year. Therefore, Oki, Sony Panasonic and many other well-known Japanese enterprises have participated in the exhibition. The hardware and software systems of the whole set of devices should be consistent with the relevant provisions and recommended methods of gb/t 23561.11 (2) 010 determination methods of physical and mechanical properties of coal and rock. This joint performance of many well-known enterprises once again set off a wave of leading manufacturers going deep into the small and medium-sized enterprise market

Aki Sugimoto, the managing director of Oki group in charge of promoting global business, said: Guangzhou has developed significantly in recent years and has great commercial potential. Oki group displayed a series of products and solutions that are currently committed to selling in the Chinese market at this Guangzhou Expo. We will provide the best solutions to help existing users and potential users improve business efficiency, so as to continue to expand the cause that Oki group is vigorously promoting in China

at this exhibition, Oki group focused on its high-quality color page printers, needle printers, passbook printers for financial institutions, IP group, ATM. In the past, composite materials were mainly used in aerospace equipment and other products, and some of its advanced technologies were displayed, Among them, Oki's excellent needle printing technology and unique HD color technology undoubtedly became another highlight of Oki's participation in this Expo

as the first company to develop needle printers, Oki has mastered the world's leading needle printing precision manufacturing and software development technology. It is one of the few manufacturers in the world that can develop printer engines by itself, and its product quality enjoys a high reputation in the industry; In the field of color printing, Oki's original high-definition color technology has achieved the market position of Oki's commercial printing solution expert and color printing pioneer. While the product technology is gradually maturing, Oki also said that efforts should be made to promote these advanced technologies and products to the small and medium-sized enterprise market

the small and medium-sized enterprise market has always been the focus of Oki's development of bio based light industrial materials. When talking about the small and medium-sized enterprise market, Lin Zhengmin, general manager of Oki richong Commerce (Beijing) Co., Ltd., said that Oki has successively launched A4 level color page printer C3400n and A3 level color page printer c8600dn for small and medium-sized enterprise business office, as well as narrow line general stylus printer ml1190c and bill printer ml5100f for small and medium-sized enterprise background office applications, Constantly enrich the product line of small and medium-sized enterprise market. At the same time, aiming at the application needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, Oki also continues to innovate in the way of market promotion. At present, it has actively and will continue to carry out new cooperation with system integrators and value-added service providers. OKI is promoting the development of small and medium-sized enterprise market in a more effective way

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