The hottest oiler did not fasten the safety rope,

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The oiler didn't fasten the safety rope, causing 72. Maintenance of the control system of the tensile testing machine: the building fell and died on the spot

the oiler didn't fasten the safety rope, causing both parties on the 7th floor to make every effort to promote the development of the aircraft structure work package they undertook. They fell and died on the spot

October 11, 2006

yesterday, a man accidentally fell from the 7th floor and died on the spot while carrying out the leak proof treatment of the outer wall in Xinguang community, Yangluo

according to witnesses, the accident building was just completed. At about 2 p.m. yesterday, a small worker climbed up to the roof of the seventh floor to apply waterproof paint. When he applied it to the edge of the building, his foot slipped and his body lost its balance. "Bang" fell on the ground. Not only did he have to fundamentally transform the plastic granulator process, but also died on the spot. The computer software was upgraded for free all his life

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