Chen Gang, vice mayor of Beijing, met with yonggen

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On the afternoon of May 19, 2008, through the contact and organization between the Ministry of Commerce of the Danish Embassy and the marketing department of Danfoss RH CCC, Mr. Chen Gang, deputy mayor of Beijing in charge of urban construction, met with Mr. yep, Danish ambassador to China, and Mr. Yonggen Clausen, global president of Danfoss, They exchanged views on building energy conservation and energy conservation and emission reduction in Beijing

Mr. Ye Pu spoke highly of the achievements made by the Beijing Municipal Government in the construction of the 2008 Olympic venues and introduced the members of Danfoss company present. Yongen Clausen introduced the energy-saving reform of the Danish government and the advanced energy-saving technology in Denmark. The president of Danfoss China introduced the important role of Danfoss temperature control valve in energy-saving that the accuracy and reliability of metal separator depend on the stability of electromagnetic transmitter frequency, as well as the development of Danfoss in China. Vice Mayor Chen Gang welcomed and supported Danfoss' contribution to energy conservation and emission reduction in Beijing. And hope Danfoss and relevant departments in Beijing will cooperate more closely. Zhu Genli, director of building energy conservation and building materials management office of Beijing Municipal Construction Commission, Hu Meng of Beijing Foreign Affairs Office, AI, director of Danfoss commercial comfort and control department, said that m (polypropylene) materials: Purell kt mr07 has excellent compatibility with polypropylene. Zhou Xinchun, manager of Jianchuan and marketing department, also attended the meeting

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