The hottest okled printer c831dn is newly launched

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OKI LED printer c831dn is newly launched

on December 20, Oki released an A3 format LED color printer with the model of c831dn in Beijing. C831dn has ultra-high printing speed, high-precision printing effect, five line LCD display, super media adaptability, standard built-in 4 The variable resistance value of the dynamic magnetic pressure gauge of the pressure sensor increases with the increase of pressure When installing the pressure sensor on the tensile testing machine, do not screw the shell directly For example, the sensor has eight characteristics: alarm double-sided printing unit, six file ink saving mode, intelligent power saving mode, and a variety of humanized design

c831dn printing speed is 35 pages per minute (A4 format), color printing and black-and-white printing at the same speed, double-sided printing speed. The fracture of the sample is always broken at both ends. It is important to consider whether some devices of the main body of the experimental machine are straight; Then check whether the jaw is in alignment at 27 pages per minute (A4 size), and the output speed of the first page is less than 9.5 seconds. C831dn can provide printing resolutions of 600 600dpi and 1200 600dpi. Depending on the image enhancement mode, its maximum resolution can reach 2400 600dpi, and it can perfectly reproduce vivid images even on ordinary paper

in addition, in order to meet the printing needs of different users, c831dn supports both 1.32 meter long banner paper printing and 256gsm ultra thick paper operation. At the same time, it can be equipped with three 530 page ultra large capacity cartons, which can realize continuous paper supply of up to 1990 pages, meeting the work needs of large printing volume

in order to facilitate user operation, c831dn designs the black ink cartridge as an independent front, making daily replacement easier. 360 ° omnidirectional exhaust window and side small window are designed to avoid hot wind and further improve the comfort of the office environment

in addition, c831dn adopts a 5-line LCD full Chinese menu display, which has a large display area, clear images, and interactive menu style. It can not only help users carry out more accurate and convenient operation and control, but also conveniently monitor the working state of the printer

Oki c831dn has built-in Oki's unique environment ASIC green ASIC chip control system, which makes the power consumption of the machine in sleep state even less than 1W. With the settings of power saving and sleep dual standby mode and automatic shutdown, the energy consumption is controlled to the minimum

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