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Chen Jingli, assistant president of Sany Heavy Industry in Hunan annual Chinese character selection, pushed the word "Zhi"

Chen Jingli, assistant president of Sany Heavy Industry in Hunan annual Chinese character selection, pushed the word "Zhi"

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from the suggestions on "smart" manufacturing at the municipal Party Congress to the "smart" manufacturing practice of Sany Heavy Industry, Chen Jing, assistant president of Sany Heavy Industry, always pays attention to the dynamics of Intelligent Manufacturing in Changsha, This is also the reason why he vigorously promoted the word "Zhi" as the representative word of Hunan in 2016

last year, after the state proposed the "made in China 2025" strategy and Hunan deployed the "strong manufacturing province" plan, Changsha took the lead in releasing the three-year action plan. This year, it proposed to build a national intelligent manufacturing center. In Chen Jing's view, the release of this series of strategies is an affirmation and expectation of Changsha's manufacturing industry. "Changsha has a solid manufacturing foundation." Chen Jing said that the total output value of Changsha's large-scale industries has exceeded trillion yuan, and the annual output value of the construction machinery industry has exceeded more than 200 billion yuan. A large number of enterprises have gone from Changsha to the world

in Hunan's annual Chinese character selection, Chen Jingli, assistant to the president of Sany Heavy Industry, pushed the word "Zhi"

now, the former advantageous industries are in the doldrums, and the traditional industries are facing bottlenecks in technology, equipment, management, talent, etc., looking forward to rejuvenate. At this time, it is time to build a national intelligent manufacturing center. In addition to color and texture, smart manufacturing has become the "main path" for the transformation and upgrading of Changsha's manufacturing industry, and it is also a sharp weapon for traditional enterprises to seize the market again

Chen Jing said that the "strength" of a city depends first of all on whether the city has a number of sufficiently competitive brands, that is, to support advantageous enterprises and leading enterprises; The second step is to help enterprises break through the research and development of key components; The third step is to guide and encourage enterprises to introduce high-level talents and "add bricks and tiles" to the construction of a national central city

"intelligent manufacturing + humanistic environmental protection" has contributed to many "champions"

the global sales volume of concrete machinery ranks first, the sales volume of port machinery ranks first in China, and the sales volume of excavators ranks first in China for six consecutive years... Today, Sany Heavy Industry has won many "champions" for China in the world. These "champions" are inseparable from the creation of Sany smart factory, smart production, smart products and smart services. "The high degree of informatization and automation, the full traceability of products, comprehensive visualization, the application of big data and IOT have become the centralized embodiment of Sany intelligent manufacturing." Chen Jing said that taking flexible production as an example, Sany Heavy Industry has achieved multi variety and high-efficiency production: one pump truck is offline in one hour and one excavator is offline in five minutes

we can see that with the help of intelligent controllers, Sany's powerful customer portal system records the real-time operation of more than 200000 mechanical equipment sold by SANY worldwide at a glance. "Customers can also log in to the system with the computer to intelligently manage the equipment. In case of failure, they can call Sany service and enjoy the maintenance service of nearby service personnel for 24 hours." Chen Jing said

in addition, Sany Heavy Industry has also integrated the concept of human and environmental protection into intelligent manufacturing, set up staff rest corridors and coffee rooms in the workshop, build water curtains and fountains, plant "green trees" and red flowers, and set vents on the roof and ground, overturning the previous rigid impression that the oil pollution in the machinery workshop was the first to check whether the power supply voltage was 380v~240v. (this article is from Sany Heavy Industry)

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