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The place with the highest formaldehyde content is our own room and office. In order to solve this problem, "leyijia" and the Chinese Academy of sciences have established a scientific research project team of "intelligent microwave formaldehyde reduction equipment" to return your green home

formaldehyde is a colorless chemical gas, which will emit a strong pungent smell when the concentration is high; However, when the concentration is low, the pungent smell will be thinner, so it is not easy to be detected

however, even so, if a person lives in an environment with low formaldehyde content for a long time, its harm to human body can not be ignored. According to the case released by the AQSIQ, long-term low concentration exposure to formaldehyde will cause headache, dizziness, fatigue, sensory disturbance, decreased immunity, drowsiness, memory loss, neurasthenia, depression and other symptoms; In severe cases, it may cause respiratory disorders, toxic lesions and other symptoms; What's more, especially for children and pregnant women with weak immunity, they are also very likely to induce cancer and leukemia

according to the relevant data, the formaldehyde content of household building materials such as paint and wood panels that must be used in indoor decoration is very high. In other words, our own rooms and offices are the places with the highest formaldehyde content

in that case, is it possible for the industry to provide an effective solution for the market? For example, developing a device that can remove or reduce the formaldehyde content in building materials and make it meet the national E1 or even international E0 standards, so that hundreds of millions of Chinese families can enjoy a truly green home life

"Le Yijia" has been thinking about this problem since its establishment. In October, 2010, "Le Yijia" joined hands with Professor Fang Yude, a researcher at the Institute of plasma physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences who is nearly ancient but still enthusiastic about environmental protection, and established the scientific research project team of "intelligent microwave formaldehyde reduction equipment". After years of painstaking research, "intelligent microwave formaldehyde reduction equipment" was successfully developed in December 2012 and has applied for a patent

"intelligent microwave formaldehyde reduction equipment" has the ability to batch process plates or plate products, and can significantly and irreversibly reduce the formaldehyde release rate of plates and plate products. Moreover, the processing efficiency of this equipment is also very high. If it is calculated as eight hours a day, this equipment can process 300-350 18mm thick plates or 16-20m3 plates every day. In addition, the equipment will not cause any secondary pollution during the treatment process. The physical and mechanical properties of treated plates will not change greatly. Moreover, the device is easy to use, highly controllable, and has a good man-machine interface, which can make the whole processing process clear at a glance. Finally, the key point is that the cost of this equipment is moderate and the cost is appropriate, so it can fully meet the needs of the industry





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