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The smell of the physical education classroom in Harbin 117 middle school is suspected to be related to the decoration.

several parents of students in Harbin 117 middle school recently reported to reporters that since the school began painting the physical education classroom on November 8, the smell is fuming, and many students cannot continue their classes. Parents are deeply worried about this and suspect that the adverse reactions of students are related to the decoration of school physical education classrooms. The school said that 70 or 80 students asked for sick and personal leave. They are currently under investigation and have removed the paint

On the 15th, the reporter came to the physical education classroom on the first floor of Harbin 117 middle school. The gymnasium door has been sealed by plastic film. Through the glass window, you can see that the indoor windows are open, and there are many paint buckets stored on the ground. There are obvious traces of scraping on the walls. You can see that the paint that has not been scraped off is green behind the radiator

the physical education classroom is next to the sixth grade classroom, and the stairs next to it can directly reach the seventh grade classroom on the second floor. Many classrooms in Grade 6 are equipped with green roses, and almost every student in classes 3 and 4 of grade 6 near the physical education classroom has a pot of green roses on their desk. The attendance of students is not very good, and many seats are empty

"Some time ago, the physical education classroom next to it was painted, and the whole teaching building was full of paint smell. We had to open the windows and wear masks in class, and many students choked so sick that they couldn't come. A few days ago, when our class was at its peak, more than 20 people didn't come, and today there were 7 people who didn't come. Now parents and teachers bought us green roses and put them on the table, and the teacher didn't let us stay in the teacher for a long time. After class, let's go outside to have a look The wind. " A classmate from Class 3, grade 6 said

several students feel unwell and cannot continue their classes

"On November 8, the school sports center began to paint the walls. After painting, many students had symptoms of dizziness, nausea and fever one after another. Later, we went to Harbin fourth hospital to check the students, and several blood indicators were unqualified. My daughter's examination results showed that white blood cells increased and platelets widened. The doctor said that the high white blood cells may be caused by the school's long-term opening of windows, viral cold, and other unqualified Hemograms, which do not rule out air pollution." 。” Ms. Lin, the parent of class 2, Grade 7, said that nine students in class 1, Grade 7 had chickenpox one after another, and two students in class 2, Grade 7 also found chickenpox

Mr. Pei, the student's parent, said that on the 12th, the school and the Education Bureau came to the air testing institution. On the evening of the 13th, the school sent a message to the students' parents that the test results on the first and second floors near the stadium were qualified

School: it is not clear who the construction party and the supervisor are.

the staff of Harbin 117 middle school said that President sun was ill and was on sick leave. No one answered the reporter's calls many times

Han Jianmin, the teaching director of the school, said that there were 891 students in the school, and about 70 or 80 of them took sick leave on the 15th day. The project, as a supporting facility for the development of the school, was uniformly tendered by the Education Bureau, and the school only provided sites and water and electricity

"During the holiday, the construction party said hello to the school, but did not say hello when painting. If the school knew that we were not allowed to paint during class, we found it after smelling the smell, and asked to stop and report it to the Education Bureau. Now the paint on the wall has been removed, and the door has been closed. The Education Bureau informed last Sunday afternoon that after testing, the air quality on the first and second floors nearest to the stadium should be qualified, But I haven't seen the paper report yet. " Director Han said. Director Han said it was not clear who the construction party and the supervision party were and how to deal with the subsequent situation

Daowai District Education Bureau:

the school should be contacted if it is not clear about the situation.

for why the Construction Party chose to construct in this time period, whether the project is the bidding of the Education Bureau, and how to deal with the later situation, Chi Hui, head of the real estate department of Harbin Daowai District Education Bureau, said he was not clear and should contact the school

the reporter saw a bidding announcement for housing maintenance project of 117 Middle School of the real estate management office of Harbin Daowai District Education Bureau released on September 26 on the China Bidding website. The announcement shows that the amount of this bid section is about 490000

On the 16th, the reporter learned from Harbin 117 middle school and Daowai District Education Bureau that at present, the air quality test results of the school have been released, and all indicators are qualified





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