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Sihua technology made its debut at the 5th global cloud computing conference hosted by Bowen China. There is no security guarantee, and enterprises' going to the cloud is a disaster.

as a one-stop cloud computing platform and solution expert, Lars Fredrik Berg, project manager of the Fraunhofer project of the fifth global Cloud Computing Conference and international network communication Exhibition China station, which was held at the Shanghai WorldExpo exhibition hall from September 5 to 7, said: we have built a single cylinder laboratory research engine (interop cloud connect China 2017) using reinforced fiber composites, with thousands of enterprises and upstream and downstream manufacturers, CIOs CTOs jointly discuss the development trend and application prospect of cloud computing based on the principle of "one enterprise, one policy". The exhibition is hosted by Bowen China

in today's era of Internet + rapid development, cloud computing has been widely used in all walks of life by virtue of its inherent Internet gene. However, at the same time, the high professional cost of cloud computing has stopped many enterprises. Sihua technology attaches importance to improving the strength of cloud computing technology, and invests 35% of its annual revenue in product research and development every year. It has five R & D centers in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xi'an, Nanjing and the United States, and the proportion of R & D and testing personnel is as high as 67%

at the same time, Sihua makes its products closer to users from the perspective of user needs, significantly improves the cost performance and security of cloud computing solutions, and enables enterprises to truly benefit from the cloud. As we all know, the advantage of cloud computing is that the software is placed in the cloud without local installation, maintenance and upgrade. Enterprises can use any device login station to use the software, eliminating the worry of buying software, machines and maintenance. But its disadvantage is that any data loss is a disaster for users

compared with competitors in the same industry, Sihua technology pays more attention to the security of cloud computing solutions, combines user use, data transmission, information protection and other aspects, and takes security and reliability as an important part of the solution

Sihua technology is positioned as a one-stop cloud computing platform and solution expert. At present, it has achieved a product solution that fully covers the underlying hardware, software defined storage and virtualization system. Since 2012, Sihua technology has established the cloud storage division; In 2013, the cloud was established. This point is the yield point. The computing business unit released super fusion products; In 2014, the company released a new generation of ultra converged private cloud products, achieving a storage and deployment capacity of 100 Pb, and has been operating stably so far; In 2015, it launched the first domestic virtual desktop based on streaming protocol, and obtained the source code security certification of the third Institute of public security; In 2016, the largest hybrid cloud in China's game industry was successfully deployed and became a member of openstack foundation; The 2017 Sihua technology cloud computing strategy conference was successfully held

after five years of accumulation, Sihua technology has a relatively complete product system in the cloud computing platform and solution business field. Including x-view cloud desktop, megabric intelligent cluster storage, express IO hyper converged storage, etc

x-view, at present, many enterprises are faced with the hidden danger of data damage caused by the frequent occurrence of traditional PC failures, resulting in the disclosure of company customer information. Sihua technology creates a one-stop office cloud - the x-view cloud desktop, which replaces the PC, greatly improves the work efficiency of employees. At the same time, the data is backed up with double copies to protect the data from damage. Even if the desktop is damaged, it can be quickly recovered through snapshots

xview/expressvm EVM has a long online cycle, high operation and maintenance costs, insufficient fault tolerance of data security protection, and poor expansion capacity, which are common faults of most enterprise IT infrastructures. Sihua technology express VM implements centralized and unified cloud management of the enterprise's IT infrastructure, and improves the resource utilization rate of the server to more than 60%

megabric, as a unified storage product, can be widely used in radio and television media, high-performance computing, data centers, Internet operations, education, large enterprises and other industries. Integrate storage resources, build a storage resource pool, unify external storage services, and flexibly adapt multiple storage usage methods to the needs of customers' complex IT environment

megafabric/expressio express IO hyper converged storage provides all computing and network resources for the cloud platform, as well as storage services for other computing resources of the platform, so that the virtual machines and storage in the cloud computing platform are in the same controllable cluster, completely getting rid of the original architecture of separating virtual machines and storage

Sihua technology provides users with better products and more professional services by integrating the relevant industrial resources of the cloud computing industry according to the research team of the National University of Singapore. At present, it has reached strategic cooperation agreements with China Unicom, Migu, webenglish and other domestic operators and software and hardware providers. At the same time, the company has set up R & D centers in Silicon Valley, Beijing, Hangzhou, Xi'an, Chengdu and other places in the United States to carry out in-depth product R & D and technology update, so as to improve its strength in R & D and market

learn more about Sihua technology, and immediately pre register to visit the China Station of the 5th global Cloud Computing Conference and international network communication Exhibition for free. They can have close technical exchanges with Sihua and meet more well-known cloud computing and network communication enterprises

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at the same time, there will be a variety of special activities such as technical seminars, keynote speeches and special sub forums in the same period of the exhibition, which will provide people in the cloud computing industry chain with opportunities for comprehensive business negotiations and technical exchanges, and appreciate the innovation and application of cloud technology

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