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Qibin group plans to jointly build the energy-saving glass project in Malaysia. It was announced on October 24, 2016 that Qibin group, Fulong international and Yusheng investment plan to jointly contribute to the establishment of a joint venture company with a registered capital of RMB 120000000, of which Qibin group contributed RMB 57.6 million, accounting for 48% of the registered capital; Or by means of acquisition, when Qibin group and fulongguo cold and hot shock structure move within 10 seconds, Yusheng investment will acquire 100% of the equity of the target company according to the above equity structure. The target company is responsible for the joint venture construction of the Malaysian energy-saving glass project in simeland, Malaysia, with a total investment of 267.25 million yuan for the small platform project with one fluctuation in the project curve

the product of the project is positioned as a high-end product in the market. Through strong coating technology, unrepentant efforts of aspiring people, and high-level production process control ability, combined with the future high-quality float glass substrate of Qibin group, the company expects to adopt comprehensive management and control methods such as technological progress, product innovation and low operating cost, Strive to bring energy-saving glass to the market in the shortest time and obtain sufficient high-end market share

this investment is an important measure for Qibin group to realize the strategic adjustment of industrial structure. Qibin group is responsible for customers. It will build energy-saving glass into a new core industry, accelerate the adjustment and optimization of the company's product structure, and improve the company's comprehensive competitiveness, which is in line with the company's development strategy and the interests of the company and all shareholders

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