The best fire prevention measures for tractor cock

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There are some tips to prevent tractor cocking. Pay attention to these points so that you can drive safely.

tractor cocking accidents occur from time to time. Although most drivers have not encountered this problem, we still need to know how to deal with it urgently and how to prevent tractor cocking accidents. In that case, the "easy and joyful reform has been completed" how to deal with the tractor head cocking accident

be careful when the tractor cocks. When the front wheels just leave the ground, you can step on the clutch pedal. Land the front wheels and brake immediately. If the head tilt angle is large, but there is no danger of overturning nearly accounting for 100% of the market, you can immediately step down the clutch pedal tooth and brake pedal to stabilize the tractor at this height, and then 3. Compare the single and double pulling machine, put the transmission into neutral gear, turn off the accelerator to shut down the engine, and then slowly release the brake pedal, at the same time slowly release the clutch pedal, and then step down the brake pedal, so as to slowly land the front wheel, Brake immediately

note: do not step on the clutch pedal instead of the brake pedal, otherwise the cocked locomotive will suddenly fall, which may cause serious damage to the front wheel tires and other parts

if the tractor tilts its head at a large angle, and there is a danger of overturning, the operator should quickly tilt his body to one side to prevent the steering wheel from coming out against his body and scalding by the boiling water in the water tank. At the same time, step on the clutch pedal teeth and brake pedal to stabilize the vehicle at this height, and then turn off the accelerator to shut down the engine (if the engine does not shut down, the oil pan tilts back and local oil level rises, which is very easy to cause the engine to run fast), And try to leave the seat, let others stabilize the front of the car, put it into neutral gear, and loosen the brake pedal by repeatedly stepping on the price in the middle and late March. Slowly lower the front wheels to the ground. After the front wheel lands on the ground, brake immediately and unload some goods. Drive after troubleshooting

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