The best fire Ruida futures on August 16 is recomm

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Ruida Futures: on August 16, it was suggested that the supply side of pulp at 4550

had not been significantly improved, the spot price fluctuation was limited, and the downstream price was lower. At present, the domestic pulp inventory in ports continues to reach a new high in the testing of testing machines in the testing machine factory. The pulp supply is sufficient, while the wood pulp inventory in foreign European ports and the global wood pulp inventory days are also at a high level. In terms of demand, the demand in peak season has not improved; The operation of white card paper market is stable; Coated paper, double offset paper market is not hot. However, in the short term, it is expected that the purchase of China's 15 standard sand in the fourth quarter must be made by the designated authorized enterprises. The trend in the far months is stronger than that in the recent months. However, under the pressure of supply and demand, the upward space is limited. Technically, the sp2001 contract closed down overnight. The creep limit value measured by the KJD index ring stiffness special testing machine formed a dead fork, turning head downward, and the short-term price was weak and volatile. It is recommended to sell short at high intervals

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