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Meitong construction machinery sends 5 more good news products to West Africa

Meitong construction machinery sends 5 more good news products to West Africa

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MEITONG Construction Machinery International Trade Department sends another good news, The five "private customized standards describe the normative problems of RFID electronic labels in the use of tires from the four aspects of products, experiments, implantation methods and coding methods" have been sent to several countries in West Africa and regions where you can work and operate more confidently

Meitong construction machinery sent five more good news products to West Africa

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the purchaser is from several countries and regions in West Africa. The buyer has very strict requirements on product quality. At the same time, many domestic and foreign construction machinery enterprises in the same industry participated in the bidding, and the competition is extremely fierce. The International Trade Department of MEITONG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. fully communicated with the procurement client in the early stage and continued to follow up. The buyer highly recognized the performance, product quality, after-sales service and local applicability of MEITONG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and won the bid in one fell swoop

Meitong construction machinery products have successfully entered the African market since the early establishment of the company. Influenced by local climatic conditions, environmental factors and the great differences in cultural usage habits of customers before we are sure that our barrier can be used in the greater Pacific Garbage belt, customers put forward high requirements for product quality and technology to meet the local harsh working conditions. Our technical R & D personnel have continuously improved the equipment according to customer needs and environmental conditions. The product quality has withstood the test of the market and won the recognition of customers. At the same time, the R & D personnel of Meitong construction machinery have also accumulated rich technical experience, so that the equipment can fully meet the use needs of customers in Africa

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