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FUDING power supply successfully completed the hanging cover of No. 2 main transformer in 110 kV Yangxin substation on the morning of September 10, Fuding power supply company successfully completed the hanging cover of No. 2 main transformer in 110 kV Yangxin substation

according to the introduction, the main transformer lifting cover is a key link in the installation and commissioning, including a series of processes such as lifting the main transformer cover to an unsupported center instead of pulling the spline transformer cover, body quality inspection, locking the insulation fasteners, iron core insulation test and true 6. The electromechanical and reducer are connected to the cam belt connecting rod for reciprocating motion and air injection. The whole lifting cover process has a great impact on the temperature, air humidity There are high requirements for personnel and equipment safety

at 7:00 a.m. that day, the personnel of relevant departments of the company cooperated with the equipment manufacturer to inspect the hardware of No. 2 main transformer. The main transformer starts to drain oil according to the original plan. After making full preparations, the cover lifting work officially begins. The workers lift the main transformer cover slowly with a crane. In order to make the cover move horizontally, the workers pull ropes at the four corners of the cover for control. With the lifting of the cover, the staff immediately commissioned and installed the internal mechanical equipment. After the technician checked and confirmed that there was no problem with the product quality, at 10:10, the crane lifted and lowered the cover again, and then injected insulating oil

at the construction site, the personnel shall be in place and operate in strict accordance with the construction scheme, hoisting safety operation regulations, equipment operation regulations and safety operation regulations

in order to ensure the safe operation of the hanging hood, the relevant departments of the company prepare the construction scheme in advance, and the user can edit any format of report, operation process and safety plan as required to fully discuss the weather conditions and dangerous points on the day of hanging the hood, so as to determine a scientific and reasonable construction scheme

it is reported that the No. 2 main transformer is expected to be put into operation in October. The successful operation of the main transformer will further optimize the power structure of Fuding City, provide strong power support for the economic development of Fuding City and people's living electricity, and further improve the power supply reliability of Chengguan, Guanling, Dieshi and other areas

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