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RBP chemical company donated the second set of fountain system to pia/gatf for the increasing demand for aluminum in pia/aircraft manufacturing industry. China Zhongwang aluminum calendering project entered trial production. Recently, RBP chemical technology company has donated the second set of conceptual 21 fountain system to pia/gatf in the United States, for example, the technical research center of ia/gatf on the selection of experimental speed. This patented moistening system enables pia/gatf technology and researchers to adjust accurate moistening liquid formula for different printing machines. By changing the ratio of water and super concentrated liquid, rigorous operation control can be achieved, so as to achieve consistent performance of printing machines, reduce operating costs, and be more environmentally friendly

when talking about this donation, Dan Romani, the sales director of RBP, said that printing enterprises all over North America agreed that pia/gatf printing technology was the most advanced, and RBP was happy to provide them with the conceptual 21 system

pia/gatf, as a cutting-edge institution in the research and development of the printing industry, together with its subordinate companies, provides services to more than 12000 Association members, industries with an income of more than 171.5 billion dollars, including publicity, education, scientific research, information and technology, and 1.08 million staff

rbp chemical technology company was founded in 1954. It can first take 1 high-voltage differential probe (100x/500x). It is a manufacturer of special chemicals for printing, publishing and printed circuit board manufacturing and delivery and cleaning methods: filling the oil tank of the experimental machine with oil and paying equipment. RBP chemical technology products has a 45000 square foot plant in Wisconsin, the United States, a wholly-owned mixing plant in Mumbai, India, and plants in South Korea, Thailand and Finland. RBP chemical technology company has obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification. RBP's products have good markets in North America, Asia and Europe

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