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Reseal packaging to improve convenience

◆ high performance medical grade plastics

in today's economic environment, brand managers are facing increasingly severe challenges. They must constantly attract consumers' attention in order to win consumers' loyalty to the brand. Consumers' pace of life is accelerating, and they are increasingly focusing on convenience. Therefore, brand managers must go beyond the concept of traditional packaging technology and seek convenient innovative solutions for their brands

zip Pak's slidertm (sliding) zipper can be easily re sealed and picked up products

in the rapid pace of life, how can we improve convenience? At present, one of the ways to realize convenient use is to reseal and pack. Whether selling pet food, meat slices, grains or disposable personal care products, re sealing technology can bring great advantages to flexible packaging

The latest development in the field of resealing packaging is heating sterilization technology. In the process of sterilization and packaging, food will be heated for a long time. In this way, the food can be cooked thoroughly, which is conducive to long-term storage. Cooking sterilization bags are greatly favored by end users and are replacing the previously popular sterilization packaging, that is, canned packaging

in foreign countries, tuna and moist cat food and other products have been widely packaged in soft bags, but our company will soon show you that the bag packaging is only a one-time use for each type of these models. So far, the re sealing process has not been adopted for the above packaging, because such products, as well as soup, stew and condiments, are required to reach a high temperature of 121 ℃ during cooking, sterilization and processing, and ordinary zippers cannot withstand this high temperature

recently, a major breakthrough has been made in this field, resulting in the entry of "high temperature sterilization" zippers into the field of flexible packaging. In fact, the high-temperature zipper launched by zip Pak company has been widely tested, which has proved that it can maintain stability and functionality in the whole high-temperature sterilization process, can provide the strength required for repeated opening and sealing of the package, and the heat sealing material of the zipper pasted on the packaging film can remain in good condition forever

using zip Pak (R) retorttm zippers, high-temperature sterilization bags can be converted into resealed packaging, so consumers can store unused portions of products in the original packaging containers. Brands adopting this process can provide consumers with the advantages of soft packaging and re sealing

high barrier and longer shelf life

for manufacturers producing convenient packaging, a particularly thorny challenge is the need for packaging that is highly barrier to humidity and oxygen to ensure the freshness of the contents. Previously, zippers that could not enhance the moisture and oxygen permeability of the main package were often used, which increased the chance of product contamination. Now, the new zipper technology has come out. Zip Pak adopts the inno Lok (R) pre installed zipper film technology of Hudson sharp company, combined with its newly developed patented zipper, which can successfully solve this problem. With this pre installed zipper film, reliable resealability can be achieved, making it suitable for high barrier packaging of nuts, agricultural products, cheese, meat, coffee and other sensitive products requiring moisture and oxygen resistance

brand owners still need to be careful when using high barrier packaging. They must work closely with zipper suppliers to ensure that the resealing solution used meets the barrier specifications of the entire package. However, there are many kinds of sealant and zipper technology in the market today. Therefore, brand products can provide consumers with better convenience and prolong the shelf life of products

anti "powder" storage

one category in which manufacturers fail to respond in time to their packaging needs is powdered products, including flour and powdered granulated sugar. Previously, many zippers could not easily and firmly reseal powdery or granular foods such as flour and dry mix powder. This kind of food is often stuck on the outside of the package, causing "blockage" to the zipper and difficult to re seal. Therefore, consumers generally store the remaining parts in other packaging bags or containers after opening the packaging bags of powdered products. For consumers, discarding the original packaging will cause inconvenience. For brand owners, they lose the opportunity to reflect their image and value

in order to solve this problem, manufacturers have been committed to redesigning the shape of zippers for many years. Finally, consumers and dealers jointly choose a more effective re sealing packaging design for powder product packaging. For example, the lighter and thinner re sealing product of zip Pak is equipped with a patented "discharge port" on the outside, so that the residual powder and particles in the zipper area fall back into the packaging bag when re sealing, thus ensuring fast and firm sealing

convenient "sliding"

consumers have always loved high-end products with zippers and seals. Dealers can now use the latest sliding technology to make products more distinctive. This new technology uses a sliding "clip" to slide along the outside of the packaging bag, making the packaging bag easy to open and seal. With sliding zipper, it is convenient for consumers to take the inner products and seal the packaging bag again. Anyone can do it easily. At the same time, some sliding packages are also equipped with tear proof marks under the zipper to ensure that the inner products are not opened. Many packages are also equipped with a top cover on the zipper to further ensure the safety of the package

market research shows that consumers 9 Input voltage: exchange 380V 10% especially like snacks, cheese, cereal, candy and other products. The package adopts slider characteristics. In fact, among those interviewed, consumers showed a special preference for sliders that can provide a higher "sense of security"

meat slice products began to use re sealing packaging a long time ago. Now, consumers also hope that this product adopts slider packaging. This kind of food has been packaged with "compression type" zippers on thermoforming/filling/sealing equipment. Using the existing technology to add sliding zippers in the above thermoforming applications, brand owners can provide consumers with a higher degree of convenience, so as to win additional advantages. Adding sliding zippers to products can improve brand positioning, and will not affect the flavor, taste and appearance of filled aerothermoformed packaging products

the integration of new packaging functions can be taken as a strategic policy to meet the growing market demand for applicable and convenient packaging. With the recent development of re sealing packaging technology, manufacturers can provide consumers with favorite packaging to make products unique

zippers made of new technology are suitable for all kinds of packaging bags used in all walks of life. For example, with the latest development of horizontal technology, zippers can be used on the short side and top of packaging bags, making the packaging more natural and intuitive. Using zippers in all parts of packaging can not only enhance the convenience of consumers, but also provide innovative features for brands

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