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Rayven installs the model c800a slitting equipment produced by deacro company

rayven company is a professional supplier of film coating, coating and processing services. Recently, the company installed deacro's model c800a slitting machine in its production plant. This new slitting machine is specially customized for rayven company according to the c800a series, The large-scale enterprises specialized in processing silicone resin coating release with narrow width (0.75 inch to 1.25 inch) almost all biomedical materials are substrates of multinational companies. Rayven has installed seven deacro slitters with a width of 63 inches, which greatly improves the processing capacity of the company. In addition to improving the slitting efficiency, the new c800a equipment can process coils with larger diameter, which means that the material of each coil is longer, and it also means that the number of coil changes is less, which greatly improves 2 Sales return: pressing the sales return button can improve rayven's production efficiency and reduce the overall processing cost

Mr. Rick Mercado, the sales and marketing director of rayven company, commented that the sales growth of any Pak release substrate of the company has extended the delivery time of our narrow coil products. At present, the two slitting machines have been fully produced, so we need a third slitting equipment to complete the operation of the jade process by clicking the mouse. The first-class processing of deacro equipment is only for reference. The learning speed and tension control ability will double the production capacity of our any Pak release substrate

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