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RBC: OPEC is likely to reach a successful agreement this month

RBC: OPEC is likely to reach a successful agreement this month

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RBC analyst helima Croft said that OPEC member countries and Russia both show that where is the manufacturer of experimental machines? The oil price rebounded on Monday (November 21) due to the cooperation and agreement reached at the Vienna summit this month

"the current shape of tea that predicts the future shows that some agreement will be reached at the summit on November 30." Croft said

after OPEC member states reached a framework of production reduction agreement in September, the follow-up of the agreement was questioned. The continuous requests for exemption from the agreement by Member States also cast doubt on the final fate of the agreement

Croft said that one of the factors needing attention is that President elect Trump's support for vigorously exploiting crude oil in the United States may have an impact on crude oil supply

on the other hand, Croft said, "Iran may be a big problem under trump. If the United States relaunches sanctions, it will be good for crude oil."

as for the policy of strengthening infrastructure spending mentioned by trump, Croft said that it would mean more fracturing and other energy related projects, such as the keystone oil pipeline

Croft said that Trump's policy may disrupt the order of the oil industry and cast a shadow over the future of global climate change without affecting the purpose of observation

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