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RDF single channel shaving drying system

I. overview

the drying methods are usually indirect and direct drying. At present, the safety of direct drying is relatively poor within one cycle; Therefore, indirect drying is basically used in the domestic wood industry. Indirect drying has reliable and safe performance, but it has the disadvantages of large heat loss, large investment and low output. The RDF (S-M) single channel shaving drying system jointly developed by our company and Ishikawa Shimao heavy industry (Zhushi Conference) in Japan is a direct heat transfer, air transmission drying type with high efficiency, safety and reliability, which is a revolutionary progress in the drying of modern wood industry. It will bring higher benefits to more enterprises

II. The composition and process of RDF (S-M) system are shown in the system schematic diagram

III. features:

for the future, we must pay attention to technological innovation. 1. Using hot air and hot furnace gas as the thermal medium at the same time, we can directly and quickly contact with shavings for heat exchange

2. Shavings move by air force, and the thermal efficiency is very high

3. The explosion-proof and fire-proof system of the device has no problems such as wood powder deflagration and reburning, and the work is stable and reliable. The use and maintenance cost of the equipment is lower than that of the boiler system of the same scale. The heat energy supply is more stable than the steam heat energy supplied by the boiler power system. At the same time, due to the direct contact drying with flue gas as the drying medium, the thermal efficiency is higher, the drying effect is good, and the speed is fast, and the moisture content of shavings reaches 2% - 3%, The product quality has been effectively guaranteed

IV. technical parameters: (50000 cubic meters/year)

1. Fuel consumption: kg/h

2. Water evaporation capacity t/h 10

3. The initial content of shavings adopts a market-oriented mechanism to operate. The water rate is% ~95.5

4. The final water content of shavings is% ≤ 3

5. The total power of the system is kw 75

6. The working temperature of the gas burner is 900~1300 ℃

7. The inlet of drying medium (flue gas + hot air) is (℃) 500 ℃ ~450 ℃

outlet (℃) ~150 ℃

8 Dryer thermal efficiency% 80

9, flue gas flow m3/h 14500

10, fuel sanding powder + chaff powder burning method: cyclone spray

V, heat source characteristics:

1, high combustion efficiency, up to 98%

2. High heat utilization rate, up to 80%

3. The dust content of the flame is low

4. Stable and reliable operation and significant energy-saving benefits

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