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Jiangsu's annual per capita reading volume reached 13.06, and paper books regained their "preference"

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Jiangsu national reading office, Jiangsu Province Zhou Shaoxiong believes that the social situation public opinion survey center held a press conference in Nanjing on the 21st to release the 2019 Jiangsu residents' reading survey results. Statistics show that in 2019, Jiangsu residents read 13.06 books per capita, and the reading rate of paper books was 68.56%. In the era of digital reading, more and more people in Jiangsu are "falling in love" with paper book reading again

jiaojianjun, executive vice minister of the Publicity Department of the Jiangsu provincial Party committee, director of the Provincial Publishing Bureau, deputy leader of the provincial national reading activities leading group and director of the office, said that on the whole, the comprehensive reading rate of residents in the province has increased steadily. In 2019, the comprehensive reading rate of residents in Jiangsu Province was 90.16%, an increase of 0.23% over the previous year, and the goal of reaching 90% during the 13th Five Year Plan period was achieved one year ahead of schedule

at the same time, book reading volume and reading rate have increased steadily. Statistics show that in 2019, Jiangsu residents read 13.06 books per capita, an increase of 0.09 over the previous year, of which 5.15 were paper books and 7.91 were e-books per capita. The reading rate of paper books was 68.56%, an increase of 1.08 percentage points over the previous year, indicating that more and more people attach importance to paper book reading

Jiao Jianjun said that according to statistics, the average resident of Jiangsu Province reads 63.63 minutes a day, an increase of 1.88 minutes over the previous year. The proportion of people who read for more than one hour a day was 51.45%, 1.19% higher than the previous year. This shows that the reading quality of residents in the province is constantly improving

"201 this process is the confirmation of the standard method. The reading achievements of Jiangsu people in the past nine years have been achieved through years of efforts and long-term efforts." Jiao Jianjun explained the changes in Jiangsu's national reading through a set of data. According to his introduction, compared with 2013, the comprehensive reading rate, paper book reading rate and digital reading rate of adult residents in Jiangsu Province in 2019 increased by 7.96%, 23.46% and 34.94% respectively, and the per capita book reading volume increased by 6.05. This also shows that the effectiveness of the national reading work in Jiangsu Province is remarkable

in addition, with the improvement of various public reading services, Jiangsu residents' team's public reading service satisfaction has increased. In 2019, 81.3% of residents were "satisfied" with the level of dynamometer services provided by reading facilities, and 86.96% of residents were satisfied with reading activities they had participated in. These two indicators increased by 3.99% and 0.84% respectively over the previous year

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