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Read the report and talk about the future: do a good job in the "addition and subtraction method" for the development of scientific instrument enterprises

reduce taxes and costs for enterprises, stabilize employment and increase income for the people's livelihood, remove barriers and increase vitality in reform, expand fields and improve the level of opening up... After reading the nearly 20000 word 2019 government work report, a huge amount of information came to our face, and the car inspection hammers were all "addition and subtraction methods", which made people don't know where to start for a moment. After the detailed interpretation of various media, many clues were sorted out from the ten major tasks, and some key points related to scientific instrument enterprises were tried to be analyzed for the reference of all industry insiders

Looking internationally

(I) continue to innovate and improve macro-control to ensure that the economy operates within a reasonable range

when it comes to macro-control in the process of economic operation, the first reaction of many enterprises is "tax". Yes, this year's "tax reduction gift package" arrived as promised, mainly reflected in the implementation of larger tax cuts and ensuring that tax cuts and fees are in place. In 2019, China will focus on reducing the tax burden of manufacturing and small and micro enterprises, and reduce the current 16% tax rate of manufacturing and other industries to 13%. As an important industry in the manufacturing industry, the scientific instrument industry with a large number of small and micro enterprises will undoubtedly benefit together. In addition to tax cuts, the government is also trying to reduce the burden of social security contributions of enterprises. However, instrumentalists don't have to worry that their social security benefits will be discounted because this money is enriched by some state-owned capital. This not only reduces the labor cost of scientific instrument enterprises, but also ensures that enterprises and employees benefit together

in order to further stimulate enterprises to become bigger and stronger, the government will also focus on alleviating the problem of difficult and expensive financing for enterprises, guide financial institutions to expand credit, reduce loan costs, and encourage banks to increase medium - and long-term loans and credit loans in the manufacturing industry. More scientific instrument enterprises with technological strength and lack of financial support, especially small, medium and micro enterprises, may improve the existing financing tension and win development opportunities

in addition to trying to solve the problem of "money", the government has not forgotten to pay attention to the problem of "people". In view of the long-standing problem of "talent shortage" in scientific instrument enterprises, the government has put forward many measures in the report from both quantity and quality. On the one hand, we should provide employment assistance to key groups to avoid damaging instruments due to short circuits, and encourage enterprises to recruit rural poor people and urban registered unemployed people for more than half a year by giving quota tax relief. On the other hand, we will implement vocational skills improvement actions and provide staff skills improvement and job transfer training. At the same time, we should speed up the development of modern vocational education, reform the school running system of higher vocational colleges, and improve the quality of running schools. It is believed that in the future, drastic reforms will be carried out in the field of Vocational Education in China. At that time, scientific instrument enterprises will also welcome more and more high-level vocational and technical talents

(II) stimulate the vitality of market players and strive to optimize the business environment

are you still worried about how many departments you need to run to accomplish a thing? Still feel headache because you can't operate with a business license? Are you still running around in various cities for a piece of proof? These problems will be solved soon! In order to deepen the reform of "deregulation and service", the government will facilitate investment and start business with simple examination and approval and excellent services, and open up a "green channel" for the majority of enterprises. In the future, scientific instrument enterprises can "finish things" faster and more conveniently, and spend more time and energy on business. Secondly, the government proposes to promote fair competition through fair supervision. Illegal acts such as the production and sale of fake and shoddy goods in the market are expected to be more strictly supervised, and the illegal cost will increase greatly. For the majority of scientific instrument enterprises, this is intended to rectify the market order and encourage fair competition, which is conducive to the legitimate rights and interests of ordinary enterprises and the healthy development of the industry

the third major measure in this sector is to promote the reduction of enterprise related charges through reform, including reducing the cost of electricity in manufacturing, road and bridge tolls, and other enterprise expenditures. Let's simply calculate that most manufacturers need to consume a lot of power resources to produce products; Transportation of raw materials and products requires paying road and bridge tolls, as well as railway and port fees; There are many kinds of charges for enterprises in some regions, such as overpayment, disorderly payment, repeated payment and so on. These costs seem small, but they also need a huge sum of money to accumulate. In short, the operating costs of scientific instrument enterprises will also decline in the future

tips: tax reduction and burden reduction, financing and recruitment, enterprise operation, market supervision, and several core issues of the development of the scientific instrument industry have been "named", which is exciting. However, the implementation of all policies requires time to buffer and space to spread. In the coming year, the task of economic and social development is heavy, there are many challenges, and the requirements are high. The majority of instrument enterprises still need to wait and be ready

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