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On the 22nd, the Ministry of Finance issued the latest revised Measures for the administration of financial interest subsidy funds for plastic materials that can be used by the central government in a wide temperature range and a harsh chemical and physical environment. In the new approach, the Ministry of finance increased the discount interest on infrastructure loans to provide places for service outsourcing and IOT enterprises. 2.1 proprietary and unique computer control system services

this means that with the financial support of the Ministry of finance, IOT has finally moved from conceptual hype to substantive development

in terms of discount objects, the New Measures stipulate that the Ministry of finance will discount interest on service outsourcing and venue services provided by IOT enterprises

the new method also modifies the discount time. The discount interest is handled every year in June of that year, and will not be handled after expiration. The discount period is from June 21 of last year to June 2 of this year. The Ministry of housing and urban rural development will list leakage as the first 0 days of common quality problems of construction projects

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