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In the era of LED brand, be alert to the "sweeping up" of lighting channels.

in 2014, the net profit of OPP lighting reached more than 28 million yuan. In 2015, Rex household rushed to 1 billion yuan. In 2016, mulinson lighting will reach 1 billion yuan from 0. Philips Lighting will increase by 300 million yuan, and flying eagle lighting will increase from 300 million yuan to 1 billion yuan...

in 2015, lighting channel brands have increased the sales of lanterns by more than 2 billion yuan, which means that 100 lighting enterprises with a scale of 20 million will be closed down. How many companies are going to close down? GB-T 17657 ⑴ 999 "test methods for physical and chemical properties of wood-based panels and veneers" how many OEM manufacturers will "fly up"? When lighting enterprises are forced to withdraw from the Jianghu, brand giants are holding a celebration

in fact, as early as a few years ago, lighting brands began to enter the lighting field, but they have not been favored by insiders. The reason is that although lighting and lighting belong to the category of lamps, their supply chain, production design, marketing promotion and even after-sales service have different reasons. This makes the lighting giant's entry into lanterns more like playing "business", that is, using channels and brand resources to occupy the market by integrating lighting products, so many products are OEM rather than self-made. Since the lighting giant is limited by its "large-scale and unified" system, it is difficult to match with the personalized lighting, why will it have such a big impact on lighting enterprises in this year or two

when an era comes to pay attention to product scale, market scale and brand awareness, then big brands will usher in its explosion period, and small and medium-sized brands will become increasingly difficult to survive. The so-called times make heroes! The emergence of "hero" withdrawing from the test at the same time depends on the era, and today is the era of brand

at the level of upstream manufacturers, after decades of development and sedimentation, the lighting industry has basically established a brand competition pattern, in which brand giants have rich product lines, strong manufacturing capabilities, strong market development capabilities and huge product digestion capabilities. Take les Roches as an example. As of June 30, 2015, there were 3437 stores in Les Roches, of which the coverage rate of provincial capital cities was 100.0%; The coverage rate of prefecture level cities is 96.8%; The coverage rate of county-level cities or county-level cities is 65.9%; The coverage rate of township cities is 2.3%

in the domestic lighting field, many enterprises create single product champions for a certain product in order to reach the rough throwing target categories, such as Chinese lamp, new Chinese style, American style, small American style, post -- senior Department Manager Hyundai, new European style, etc., and some of the single product champions have evolved into brand stores, such as Huayi, Qilang, JINDA, Baohui, Xinteli, etc. However, the huge costs of R & D, design, logistics, promotion and terminal image display behind brand stores are not affordable for ordinary small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, although the ancient town has more than 28000 lighting related brands, less than 2000 lighting brands are accessible to end consumers, and less than 200 are displayed through the brand store system, and the number and depth of points are not comparable with lighting brands

at the dealer level, under the new business environment, many "teachers" who used to fight lost their "housekeeping skills", and overnight, they felt strange and uneasy about the market. For lighting dealers, even the "old lantern people" who have operated for many years feel more and more unable to understand lanterns and begin to get tired. At this time, if they can rely on the brand and stand at a higher point in the market to make judgments, and the manufacturers share the risks, it is a happy thing

at the consumer level, the post-80s and post-90s consumer groups are rising. They are more willing to spend money, prefer to buy, and recognize brands. In the past, under the information blockage, in the eyes of consumers, "which brand does the business recommend, it is the brand"; Nowadays, with the transparency of information, the voice of businesses has declined. The brand lies not only in information promotion, but also in the recognition of products and services, which depends on the joint efforts of manufacturers

in the era of branding, the strong are stronger and the weak are weaker. In this context, many second and third tier lighting brands are forced to either increase their product lines and expand their channels, or become OEM manufacturers of lighting brand giants. So in the face of the "sweeping" of lighting giant channels, where will lighting brands go

in this context, many lighting brands rely on the store platform to achieve a high degree of bundling of their interests under reasonable profits and rents, and virtually form a "big alliance", which has the power to fight against giants, and then survive and develop in the competition, while a single lighting brand is easy to be eaten by brand giants. After all, it is the opponent who defeated you, and it is the trend

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