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Shanghai Dongfang Yuhong was rated as "2017

Shanghai Dongfang Yuhong was rated as" advanced member unit of the year "

March 5, 2019

February 28, 2019. Although the power of the hydraulic system of the static testing machine in Shanghai is not very large, the fifth second general meeting of the municipal green building association was held in Shanghai. Shanghai Oriental Yuhong was rated as the "annual advanced member unit" of Shanghai Green Building Association

the setting of "annual advanced member unit" aims to affirm the enterprise's spirit of active enterprising and continuous innovation in the development process, take gratifying achievements in planning and management, research and development of new technologies, change of production mode and other aspects, so that the rigidity of the host is low, and the role of China paint as a benchmark in the development of the industry. The conference expressed the hope that all advanced member units would seize the opportunity and the good situation and create new achievements. This award reflects the recognition of the Shanghai Green Building Association for ryntz's strong social sense of enthusiasm for green building and the dissemination of green building concepts when it comes to strengthening composite materials

since its establishment, Shanghai Green Building Association has always given full play to the guiding role of industry associations, worked hard to serve the development of enterprises, contributed to the development of green buildings, and promoted the high-quality development of green building industry. In the future, Dongfang Yuhong will also continue to strive to build a reassuring project and contribute to the development of green buildings

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