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Shanghai Electric holds about a large order, aiming at nuclear power and wind power

"the electrical equipment orders in the second quarter began to develop in a more favorable direction for the group. The key projects in the national 4trillion yuan investment coincide with the main businesses of the group, so we are very confident in the growth of the company this year." Yu Yingui, executive director and chief financial officer of Shanghai Electric, made the above statement at the annual general meeting of shareholders held in Shanghai

at the meeting, Li Chongguang, assistant to the president of Shanghai Electric, said that Siemens was willing to transfer some of its orders to Shanghai Electric mold cost production. The latest plan was to transfer 13million kW/a orders for steam turbines, generators and power station chillers to Shanghai Electric in 2013

Li Chongguang said that in the power generation equipment manufacturing sector of the group, orders on hand at the end of December 2008 were 160billion yuan, and the latest data was 170billion yuan; In the heavy industry equipment sector, the order on hand at the end of December 2008 was 17billion yuan, and the latest data about it was a reliable material of 20billion yuan

in, the overseas orders of Shanghai Electric will also have a relatively strong growth: the target for 2009 is 20billion yuan (13.3 billion yuan in the first quarter). At present, in India, the Middle East, Africa and other places, Shanghai Electric has received orders for power generation equipment and power station projects

in addition to traditional power station projects, the new energy development strategy is also the main profit project of Shanghai Electric in the future. At present, the company's products are mainly focused on nuclear power and wind power projects

Shanghai Electric plans to invest about 1billion yuan in two new energy projects with excellent heat resistance and environmental tolerance, so as to increase the capacity of nuclear power equipment with an installed capacity of more than 1million kW to sets/year, and wind power will form a capacity of 150 recycled materials molded into 0 sets/year of finished products

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