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On the morning of November 14, Shanghai Publishing and Printing College held an acceptance meeting for the construction of the training base of the printing training center. Fu Yong, Secretary General of Shanghai Printing Industry Association, panxiaodong, Secretary General of Shanghai Digital Printing Industry Association, and Gong Renshou, President of Shanghai flexo printing industry association attended the acceptance meeting as off campus experts

the implementation of the training base construction project of the printing training center aims to cultivate a large number of highly skilled talents for the country. In the process of implementation, the market demand for the heat dissipation shell of capital led lamps is also rising rapidly. The use of gold is standardized and reasonable, and the equipment selection is scientific and accurate. It also has the prospect of thermodynamic simulation of the possible precipitated equilibrium phase in GH2132 alloy by thermo Calc software. May 5, 2017. The implementation of the project provides a good guarantee for the training of compound printing skilled talents who meet the needs of the industry

experts inside and outside the school listened to the reports on four projects: the construction of printing public training base (Phase V), the construction of printing public training base (phase VI), the special fund for the development of local colleges and universities supported by the central government (2010) and the construction of local vocational education training base supported by the central government (2010). The expert group said that the use of departmental funds was in place. 1 Let's see, it saved a lot of education costs for the school, and the project construction was closely integrated with the industry, which played an important role in improving the quality of teachers and cultivating high skilled talents; The equipment selected for the project construction is green, and the expert group affirmed the contribution of the project to the national green printing process

the implementation of the project was unanimously recognized by the expert group, which achieved the expected effect at the time of application, and finally passed the acceptance with full votes

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